Introduction to quantitative investment and Trading (Python introduction to financial analysis)

introduction quantitative investment trading python

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Course name : Dead wage one party courses : The small white Introduction to quantitative investment (python)
Course orientation : This course is a video course , Comprehensive coverage of quantitative trading basic knowledge points .
Face the crowd : Weak stock base 、Python Those with a weak programming foundation .
Refer to the following table for the course sections :

Course chapters Course content and professional ability requirements Class name
One 、python introduction preparation The first 01 course :python brief introduction
The first 02 course :Python Install it Anaconda
The first 03 course :Python Introduction to development tools
Python Data type and data structure are explained in detail The first 04 course :python introduction - Variables and data types
The first 05 course :python introduction -Python Operator
The first 06 course :python introduction - Detailed list
The first 07 course :Python introduction - Tuples 、 aggregate
The first 08 course :python introduction - Dictionaries
Python Introduction to programming The first 09 course :python introduction - Cycle control - control flow
The first 10 course :python introduction - Cycle control - loop
The first 11 course :python introduction - Cycle control -break、continue、pass
The fourth part :Python Advanced The first 12 course :python introduction - function
The first 13 course :python introduction - object-oriented
The first 14 course :python introduction - Underline 、 Double underline 、 Double underline the head and tail
The first 15 course :python introduction - Class inheritance
The first 16 course :python introduction - How to write a project exception handling
Two 、 Advanced Python High order operation The first 17 course : One line code conversion list and Dictionary . The intersection of lists 、 and 、 Bad , Lists and dictionaries are interchangeable
The first 18 course : Higher order function ,lambda、MAP、filter
3、 ... and 、python Practical application Scientific computing module -Numpy The first 19 course : Scientific computing module - Numpy Basic introduction
The first 20 course : Scientific computing module - Numpy Advance quickly
Data analysis library - pandas The first 21 course : Data analysis - pandas Data structure and data preview operation
The first 22 course : Data analysis - Missing values delete 、 Missing value fill 、 Data substitution 、 identification 、 Data statistics, etc.
The first 23 course :pandas Stock data combat
Data visualization - matplotlib、seaborn The first 24 course : from sin(x) Learn to matplotlib
The first 25 course : Visualization of initial statistics -seaborn
The first 26 course : Statistical data visualization style design -seaborn
The first 27 course :python actual combat - Analysis of the employment situation of college students
Four 、 Quantitative combat Financial knowledge The first 28 course :A Stock market introduction and basic concept interpretation ( Introduction to Xiaobai )
The first 29 course : Quantitative trading
Technical indicators and income indicators The first 30 course : Initial technical specifications -python draw K Line diagram example
The first 31 course : Technical indicators - Single K Line form
The first 32 course : Technical indicators -K Line combination form strategy
The first 33 course : Technical indicators Moving average strategy - With 520 Take the tactics of war for example
The first 34 course : Common income index calculation method
actual combat The first 35 course : Data acquisition demonstration
The first 36 course : Write the first trading strategy
The first 37 course : Portfolio optimization
Using algorithms to interpret stock market data , Be the master of data The first 38 course : Recognize algorithms
The first 39 course : Machine learning practice
The first 40 course : Deep learning practice

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  44. Fundamentals of python (8): time related modules
  45. Fundamentals of python (I): necessary knowledge for getting started
  46. Python Basics (3): I am a number
  47. Python actual combat (IV) | number
  48. Operators in Python 3
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  51. Python data visualization: Seaborn
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