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From the beginning of the year and recent friends of the big factory interview questions .
  1. How to make deep copies of objects , except clone
  2. happen-before principle
  3. jvm The practice of tuning
  4. Singleton objects will be jvm Of gc When you recycle
  5. redis If list more , How to optimize the
  6. tcp And half a bag
  7. socket Some programming related api And usage
  8. It's the same thing that makes and processes connections socket Do you ,socket What are the two queues in
  9. Used in the project netty Do you
  10. TSL1.3 New characteristics
  11. AES Algorithm principle
  12. redis Use of clusters
  13. mysql And mogo contrast
  14. Scene question : To design a im The system includes group chat, single chat
  15. Scene question : Design database connection pool
  16. Scene question : Second kill scene design
  1. Project details , It's about aiot Interactive processing , How to realize the instruction codec and instruction conversion of a large number of different devices , The architecture of the server , Self responsibility module
  2. OOM Fault handling of
  3. Have you ever used distributed locks , How to achieve , Talk about the principle
  4. redis Where to use the meter , Why use a skip watch
  5. mysql Practical experience of optimization
  6. hashMap1.8 And 1.7 difference
  7. netty Principle and use of
  8. tcp Connection process
  9. socket There are several queues
  10. How many connections can a server support , Why?
  11. tcp How to set the parameters
  12. redis Underlying basic data types ,redis The cluster theory ,cluster Use of clusters
  13. mysql Storage engine type , Index type ,innodb Data storage mode
  14. Parameter description of thread pool ,rejectHandler explain
  15. volatile Principle
  16. jvm What kinds of garbage collectors are there , Their application scenarios
  17. g1 Features of the recycler
  18. jvm structure
  19. Four and seven layers load balancing principle of load balancer
  20. Scene question : Design an e-commerce system with high availability and high concurrency
  1. kafka How to realize idempotent on the production side
  2. kafka How to implement distributed message
  3. kafka Of slave The synchronization mechanism of
  4. kafka How to write messages ack
  5. Why to achieve equals It must be realized first hash Method
  6. An object new The structure after coming out , How to save
  7. Let's talk about the process of class loading
  8. redis Of hash Data structure and how to expand capacity
  9. mysql How to realize snapshot reading
  10. msyql Transaction isolation level for , The difference between nonrepeatable reading and unreal reading
  1. JVM Tuning ideas
  2. redis cluster How to smooth the data in cluster expansion , Design from the client
  3. mysql Of sql If it doesn't matter , The reason why I didn't go to the index ( Repeated emphasis sql That's all right. , No need to sql Consider... From an angle )
  4. kafka How to ensure that messages are not lost
  5. How to perform cross database joint query in sub database and sub table
  6. For current limiting design java Realization , Can't use tool class library
  7. dubbo Design and complete call procedure of ( Be specific )
  8. es How to solve the problem of cleft brain
poison ( Get something )
  1. new What happens to the process of an object
  2. spring What is the principle of circular reference resolution ?
  3. FactoryBean and BeanFactory difference
  4. Synchronized principle ?
  5. CAS volatile principle ?
  6. Memory model ? What is main memory ? What is working memory ?
  7. Database index type ? principle ?
  8. Spring Bean Life cycle ?
  9. mysql Optimization experience ?
  10. mysql Lock type ?
  11. redis What problems should be paid attention to in the process of use ?
  12. JVM Tuning parameters ?
  13. Thread pool principle ? Attributes represent meaning ?
  14. HashMap ConcurrentHashMap principle ?
Are you hungry
  1. Project introduction , How to continuously optimize the project 、 Architecture upgrade ? If the business volume increases sharply , How to ensure high availability of the system 、 Extensibility ?
  2. Order quantity 、 How much is added per day ? How to do sub database and sub table ? Based on what dimension to do ?
  3. detected jvm Memory is greater than configuration jvm Of xmx Configured memory , One of the three machines has this phenomenon , How to explain ?
  4. redis heat key How to solve ?
  5. kafka Why high performance ?
  6. OOM Scene analysis ?
  7. mysql How clusters are deployed , Master slave synchronization ?
  8. How to set what to use GC The way ? Different times GC What are the collectors ?
  9. on-line CPU It's very high. How to check it out
  10. jdk1.8 New features
  11. BIO\NIO understand
  12. mq How to ensure the reliability of the message ?
  13. What to do if the system load is too high 、 What's the problem ? How to troubleshoot ?
  14. linux The operating system briefly introduces what things ?
  1. JVM Introduce
  2. JMM Model
  3. gc root What are they? ?
  4. JVM Tuning experience ?
  5. Thread pool considerations , exception handling
  6. Distributed lock usage and principle ?
  7. redis How to persist ? High availability ?
  8. rpc Framework implementation principle ?
  9. Interface call slows down
  10. Business system architecture , Business volume
  11. Database design , Optimization plan
Fish bubble ( finger heart )
  1. More successful projects
  2. How to realize clearing and settlement ?
  3. Unified cash register design ?
  4. rocketMq and kafka difference , The selection ?
  5. kafka The flow of information from production to consumption ?
  6. hashMap hashTable difference ?
  7. Understanding of thread safety ?
  8. CAS Realization principle ?
  9. There are several ways to implement code locking ?
  10. Fast sorting algorithm
  11. Failure handling of distributed lock acquisition , Synchronization between threads ?
  12. redis Threading model , Expiration mechanism , Elimination strategy ?
  13. Thread pool parameters , Use scenarios , Parameter setting analysis ?
  14. mysql Storage engine , Index structure , Sub database and sub table
  15. Scene question : Design a red envelope grabbing system

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