Tiobe November programming language: Java falls out of the top two for the first time; kornia differentiable computer vision library based on Python is open source

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tiobe november programming language java

Developer community technology week is here again , Meng Meizi anchor brings you the latest issue “ Developer technology broadcast ”. Let's listen to , What's important news for our developers in the past week .

  • TIOBE 11 Month programming language :Java Falling out of the top two for the first time ,Python be a trend which cannot be halted
  • China Mobile and ZTE released 《5G+ White paper on industrial Internet Security 》
  • The computer in the keyboard : Raspberry pie 400 Official release , The price is 70 dollar
  • Apple will carry its own chip publicly Apple Silicon Of Macbook
  • qualcomm 5nm Chip snapdragon 875 Parametric exposure
  • SpaceX Successfully launched a GPS III satellite
  • be based on Pytorch Of Kornia Differentiable computer vision library open source
  • Sound event location and monitoring based on multi direction beamforming and multi task learning

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1、TIOBE 11 Month programming language :Java Falling out of the top two for the first time ,Python be a trend which cannot be halted

Programming language community TIOBE The latest release 11 Monthly programming language ranking . This month's chart has been published since TIOBE Since the release of the list , A change never seen in the last 20 years : For the first time, there is a division between the top two places C and Java Languages other than .C Still ranked first ,Java Fall to third , And the second place is now unstoppable Python . since 2018 Since then ,Python The overall market share began to show an upward trend , from 2018 year 1 Monthly proportion 4.68%, By this month 12.12%, Even compared with the same period last year , The increase is as high as 2.27%. As a simple and powerful programming language ,Python Easy to learn 、 The editing cycle is short 、 With a variety of frameworks , In data analysis 、AI 、 machine learning 、Web Development 、 Testing and many other areas have excellent performance . And in recent years, data mining 、AI And numerical computing and other areas of vigorous development , It also improved Python Market share of .

2、 China Mobile and ZTE released 《5G+ White paper on industrial Internet Security 》

recently , With “5G New infrastructure Wisdom makes a new future ” The theme of China Mobile 5G+ The industrial internet promotion conference was held in Beijing . At the conference , China Mobile United ZTE 、 China Academy of communications 、 Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications 、 Sany heavy industry 、 Angang Group 、 Jiangsu Jingyan 、 Harbin Electric Group 、 Baowu group Shaoguan Iron and Steel Co released 《5G+ White paper on industrial Internet Security 》.《5G+ White paper on industrial Internet Security 》 To advance 5G+ Standardization construction of industrial Internet security , promote 5G The security level of deep integration with industrial Internet , Speed up the push “ Made in China ” towards “ China smart ” The transformation of , Help the real economy to develop in high quality .

3、 The computer in the keyboard : Raspberry pie 400 Official release , The price is 70 dollar

11 month 2 Japan , The raspberry pie foundation officially launched “ Raspberry pie 400”(Raspberry Pi 400), A built-in raspberry pie 4 The compact keyboard of a computer , The price is 70 dollar . Users only need to add two of them micro HDMI One of the ports is plugged into the monitor , Insert microSD card , Connect the power cord , And then plug in USB mouse , You can get one to handle daily tasks 、 Media playing computer . Because of the raspberry pie 400 It's based on raspberry pie 4 Of , So most computers function the same . however , Raspberry pie 400 Of Broadcom BCM2711 Tetranuclear Cortex-A72(Arm v8)64 position SoC The operating frequency of is 1.8GHz, Raspberry pie 4 Of SoC The operating frequency is 1.5GHz. And raspberry pie 400 Equipped with 4GB Memory 、 Gigabit Ethernet 、 bluetooth 5.0 and 802.11ac Wi-Fi,micro HDMI The port can output up to 4K/60Hz The signal of , There are two USB 3.0 Port and a USB 2.0 port . The power supply goes through USB-C Port supply , There is one microSD The card slot is used for the storage system , One more GPIO Connectors are used to connect various other devices .

4、 Apple will carry its own chip publicly Apple Silicon Of Macbook

before , Apple has officially announced Beijing time 11 month 11 Early morning 2 Will hold a new product launch , At this conference , Apple is likely to release its own chip Apple Silicon Of MacBook product . From the news now , Apple will launch three models with Apple Silicon The new Mac The notebook , Include 13 " MacBook Pro、16 Inch MacBook Pro and 13 Inch MacBook Air. It is worth mentioning that , this Apple Silicon It will be mainly supplied by TSMC .

5、 qualcomm 5nm Chip snapdragon 875 Parametric exposure

10 Mid month , Models for SM-G9910 The samsung 5G The cell phone goes through 3C authentication . This is also the first officially recorded snapdragon 875 new . Qualcomm will be in 12 month 1 Saturday, 2020 Qualcomm snapdragon Technology Summit . When the , new 5nm Flagship chip snapdragon 875 It's expected to make an official appearance . According to the previous information , Xiao dragon 875 The processor uses “1+3+4” Eight core design , among “1” For the super core Cortex X1, Peak performance ratio Cortex A78 high 23%.

6、SpaceX Successfully launched a GPS III satellite

Following 6 Months later , Private space launch companies in the United States SpaceX We just helped the US Space Force launch another GPS III satellite . Through the second generation GPS III satellite , The U.S. global positioning system is expected to usher in many improvements , For example, anti-jamming technology . It is reported that , This launch uses a brand new Falcon 9 Rocket No. , Subsequently, its thrusters were recovered from the unmanned barge in the Atlantic Ocean . meanwhile ,SpaceX Confirm that the payload has been put into orbit , It's getting closer to the deployment point , This is also the company's second attempt to deliver this type of payload . If all goes well , Three place NASA And a JAXA The astronauts will be in 11 month 14 To the International Space Station .

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Academic News

1、Kornia Open source differentiable Computer Vision Library , be based on Pytorch

Whether in deep learning or traditional visual processing programs , The most commonly used image processing library is OpenCV and PIL 了 . However , because OpenCV and PIL It's all nondifferentiable , Therefore, these processes can only be used as image preprocessing, and can not be optimized by observing the change of gradient . therefore ,Kornia It came into being .Kornia It's based on PyTorch The differentiable open source library of computer vision , stay Github It's already there 3000 star . In order to balance the needs of traditional visual processing and deep learning ,Kornia Realized : Differentiable basic computer vision operators 、 The expansion of differentiable data .

Thesis link :https://arxiv.org/pdf/2009.10521

2、 Sound event location and monitoring based on multi direction beamforming and multi task learning

Sound event detection and positioning in smart home 、 Intelligent security and other fields have important application value , And the noise in the environment 、 reverberation 、 Multi source aliasing has brought great challenges to the task . Sound event detection and localization is usually based on microphone arrays , More broadly , How to use multi-channel microphone signal effectively , Improve the performance of speech related tasks based on deep neural network , It's also a problem to be solved .

Jingdong Artificial Intelligence Research Institute has proposed a sound event detection and location method based on multi-directional beamforming and multi task learning , The main feature is to use traditional acoustic signal processing to provide more abundant information for neural network . To be specific , By fixed beamforming pointing to different predetermined orientations , It can extract sound source signals from all directions , And suppress the interference signal outside the azimuth . This method does not need to locate or mask the sound source in advance , Then we can get the spatial representation of diversity .

In this paper, the calculation method of guidance vector based on cross power spectrum using training data is derived , To eliminate the dependence on microphone array geometry . further , This paper designs a sound source localization network and a sound event detection network based on multi task learning . Jingdong artificial intelligence research institute is in DCASE2019 Sound event detection and location data sets are evaluated , The results show that the proposed algorithm achieves the best comprehensive performance .

Thesis link :http://3.cn/15j-Y667

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