No longer afraid to communicate with foreigners! I use Python to implement a wechat chat translation assistant!

Big sai 2020-11-13 06:03:16
longer afraid communicate foreigners use


In the previous article How to use python“ elegant ” Call Youdao translation We have clearly written how to untie the veil of Tao translation layer by layer , And I said that's just the beginning of the hole . Now I'm back . When you meet Some little foreign brothers and sisters are very excited 、 Want to get to know each other , But the English level or other level is still improving , This little tool can help you through the difficulties !Teach you how to flirt gracefully with code. In this paper , I will explain in detail the specific implementation of this translation ! For the main functions of the implementation : Listen to some key passwords through wechat chat , Turn on the translation mode of what you say and the translation mode of what you say on the opposite side !

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Design thinking : There is a call translation , We can go with Translation interface and The WeChat api Do some interesting things together , Mainly using wechat api Yes Monitor your own messages , Then some Keyword determination As a switch 、 Change the translation language and so on ( Logic can be set by itself ), Then go Ask for a translator , Use the program to automatically send the translated words to the other party . Then pretend to think of yourself as an unknown Mengxin ------ It depends on how you operate ( Manual funny )

Of course , If you have a Korean friend , What he said automatically translated into Chinese , To you , What you said will be automatically translated into Korean and sent to him . Little brother and little sister with ability and resources can go to Try girls Dolls
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Detailed design

Since the thinking ahead is very clear , So let's go step by step , How to overcome all these problems . There are two main aspects , One It's alone WeChat api And individual Ask for a translation of some other rules , The other The aspect is to integrate the two , The operation that can make everyone sexual !

Of course, after solving these two problems , You can implement some logic switches by yourself , And I used my logic to simply implement !

Environmental Science :win/linux
compiler :pycharm
Additional modules :itchat、requests

WeChat api

Wechat party has made public the api.python Medium itchat Modules can be used directly . Of course, it will take time to fumble . I put on some necessary learning steps .

1 . about itchat Module scan code login . No parameters can be added later , But with this hotReaload After a short period of time can not need to scan , Otherwise Every time you start scanning, it's delayed efficiency .

import itchat

2 . As for another messenger api It's also very simple. , hinder userName Is the only encrypted field of the user , Of course , The file transfer assistant has a special id, There are other search friends through the return of json Strings can also be obtained using the id. All in all, this field is easy to get .

itchat.send(" Hello ",toUserName = userName)

3 . The most important thing is to monitor the news , For message monitoring , Most of Baidu's results are made into robots , Listen to the opposite message and reply automatically , But what I want is not this effect , I want to listen to the messages sent by wechat on my mobile terminal and analyze them .

It's the same for normal monitoring

# Register message response events , The message type is itchat.content.TEXT, Text message . Can also monitor a variety of types of Baidu 
def text_reply(msg):
return msg['Text']#return “ character string ” When receiving the news from the opposite side , It's going to work as a robot

however , If you do it again print(msg). You will find that your own messages will also be monitored , Here is from you send to he/she. So you can get the contents of yourself utilize itchat send out send Of api Take the initiative to send messages . Of course , All kinds of information, such as the main body of the content you send, are in it ,py It's also very convenient to operate the dictionary .
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So the final design of this part is like this :
If it's the message from the opposite side, we will directly return The string will send , If it's my own message , own send Call to send message !

# Register message response events , The message type is itchat.content.TEXT, Text message 
def text_reply(msg):
#xxxxx Logic processing if you send 
itchat.send(transtr, toUserName=msg['ToUserName'])# The string transtr Send it to the person you sent it to 
#xxxxx Logical processing if ta Hair 
return transtr# This plus if it's a monitor for messages sent from the opposite side . That is to say, send a message to you directly return It will automatically send

youdao api

For the rest of the previous analysis , What we need to pay attention to here is the translated language , For example, translation from Chinese to English (en)、 Japanese (ja)、 Korean (ko) wait . So you just need to order some typical logic processing .
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The whole logic

Of course , I want to write a logic to control the start of sending translation 、 end . So I use Two Boolean type Control the whole start and stop , among jud It's used to judge whether you open the device of what you say (b) Translation mode . And the parameters isreturn Used to control whether or not to translate the doll's words . Here I choose Start For a start , stop it Control what you say as an end . and Translation mode , Stop translating It's used to control what starts and stops saying . English 、 Japanese 、 Korean 、 French 、 Etc. as the key words of translation language change .

that , Once the program runs , Everything is under our control , Of course , Tested efficiency , Although that itchat, And Youdao translate data through http Transmission of , But in fact Efficiency is OK , Transmission efficiency is acceptable for chat . The delay is not very big , Able to meet basic needs . But don't be too fast or too frequent , To prevent you from ip You can't ask for it .

Code and run results

That's it , I give the code of the project completely .

project github Address ( Wechat module ):
welcome star!

# More attention to the official account :bigsai
import itchat
import requests
import hashlib
import time
import urllib.parse
jud=False# The default is not to turn on first 
isreturn=False# Whether to reply 
To='en'# The default language is English 
def nmd5(str):#md5 encryption 
m = hashlib.md5()
b = str.encode(encoding='utf-8')
str_md5 = m.hexdigest()
return str_md5
def formdata(transtr):
# Information to be encrypted 
global To
headerstr = '5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/73.0.3683.86 Safari/537.36'
strexample='fanyideskweb'+transtr+salt+'n%A-rKaT5fb[Gy?;[email protected]'
'i':transtr,'from':'AUTO','to':To,'smartresult': 'dict',
return dict
'User-Agent':'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/73.0.3683.86 Safari/537.36',
'Origin': '',
'Content-Type':'application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8',
'Accept':'application/json, text/javascript, */*; q=0.01',
'Accept-Encoding':'gzip, deflate',
'Connection': 'keep-alive',
'Host': '',
'cookie':'_ntes_nnid=937f1c788f1e087cf91d616319dc536a,1564395185984; OUTFOX_SEARCH_USER_ID_NCOO=; [email protected]; JSESSIONID=; ___rl__test__cookies=1'
itchat.auto_login(hotReload=True)# Sign in 
# Register message response events , The message type is itchat.content.TEXT, A text message 
def text_reply(msg):
# Return message call message 
global jud
global To
global isreturn
dict = formdata(text)
if " Translation mode " in text:
isreturn =True
elif " Stop translating " in text:
if " Start " in text:
elif " stop it " in text:
elif " English " in text:
To = 'en'
elif " Japanese " in text:
To = 'ja'
elif " Korean " in text:
To = 'ko'
elif " French " in text:
To = 'fr'
if jud:# Explain the need to run 
dict['from']= 'AUTO'
dict = urllib.parse.urlencode(dict)
dict = str(dict)
req =, timeout=1, data=dict, headers=header)
val = req.json()
transtr = val['translateResult'][0][0]['tgt']
itchat.send(transtr, toUserName=msg['ToUserName'])
## Back to monitor what the other side said 
if isreturn:
dict['to']='zh-CHS'## Translate into Chinese 
dict = urllib.parse.urlencode(dict)
# dict = str(dict)
req =, timeout=1, data=dict, headers=header)
val = req.json()
transtr = val['translateResult'][0][0]['tgt']
return 'ta say :'+str(transtr)# This plus if it's a monitor for messages sent from the opposite side . For example, you can try two-way translation 
# After binding message response event , Give Way itchat Run up , Listen to the message

Since I really don't have dolls, I can only simulate
Simply run the test results ( Take your teammate's cell phone and guide yourself )
 Insert picture description here


Of course , This may be fun , Maybe it's boring and simple , It's just that different people may have different opinions , Different time periods 、 Different communication may have different views , So please don't spray if you don't like it , Of course , If there are suggestions for improvement , Also please indicate !
python Related warehouses and projects github Address,( Wechat file directory ) You can play if you are interested ,star star! If you feel OK, please move your hands to collect 、 A little bit of praise !

Welcome to the official account :bigsai Long term fighting output !

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