Python learning route

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python learning route

This video resource is collected on the Internet , If there is infringement, please contact to delete !!!
This video resource is for personal learning only , Do not use for commercial profit , Cause consequences at your own expense !!!

After nearly a month of resource selection, the process has finally come to an end , in total 1.5T Baidu network disk resources through : duplicate removal 、 Screening 、 Arrangement 、 After filing, a rough copy of Python Learning curve resources have been shaped , Although there have been a lot of ups and downs in the middle , But in the end it was done , It's the first time to share with you .
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The data is mainly divided into two parts : One 、 Various learning websites, forums, etc , Two 、 Baidu cloud data . Website forum resources update fast , You can interact with people ; And Baidu cloud resources mainly for video , Easy to download and watch online , The combination of the two resources , It's easier to learn and find knowledge !

One 、 Website forum learning resources

name link explain
Laboratory Building Free Linux Experimental environment
Py Resources in Chinese Various python Packages and management tools
PEP8 Py Coding standard Chinese version Code specification is as important as the foundation
Py Code Examples Fine to method level code cases
Py Module of the Week Each article introduces one Py Use of standard library
Novice tutorial The most classic language tutorial website
Liao Xuefeng Py course Daniel gives you a quick and easy introduction
Py Automated testing blog A blog of the automated testing guru
Py Chinese learning base A good one Flask Learning Websites
Liu Jiang's Django Most suitable for beginners Django course
Don't worry about it Py I have a good knowledge of machine learning
Ng machine learning Netease cloud classroom ( in / English subtitles )
How many? Py Exercises There are several good practical exercises
CheckiO One study Py Interesting website for

Two 、 The learning curve

This learning curve is what I saw on a horse forum , I recommend it to you , At the same time, I also thank a horse for its open source and free spirit , Brother pig also benefited a lot !
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3、 ... and 、 High quality resources

I've divided these resources into seven different stages , The difficulty increases in turn , In fact, it is corresponding to the above learning curve ;

This resource includes 800G, Keep forever , And will continue to update , recommend Forward collection , It is convenient to find and learn in the future ;
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This is recommended by pig Python The learning curve , It's basically a video tutorial of a horse , This learning curve is suitable for Zero basis Classmate :
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Four 、 Access method

  1. link : password :j8wk
  2. If the link fails , Wechat scan the QR code below , The official account of WeChat brother , reply : The learning curve To get a new link !
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5、 ... and 、 Brother pig has something to say

I saw a piece of news yesterday “19 A-year-old was killed in training ”, I was really angry !!! This also makes Zhuge more firmly adhere to the principle of free sharing , If you think this article is good, please share it with every one of your friends : Maybe you're doing a good deed inadvertently , It's a turning point in other people's lives .

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  1. 小白量化投资交易入门课(python入门金融分析)
  2. Python:PyCharm选择性忽略PEP8警告
  3. Python: pychar selectively ignores pep8 warnings
  4. Django-模板
  5. Django template
  6. Python正则表达式大全
  7. 最全Python正则表达式来袭
  8. A python knowledge for Xiaobai
  9. 2. Flexible pandas index
  10. 1. Get to know pandas
  11. See how I use Python to create a magic with baby (one play can play for a day)?
  12. Wow, python can do real-time translation
  13. Python经典编程习题100例
  14. 100 examples of Python classic programming exercises
  15. Invincible, with Python for English teachers to develop a magic tool for English composition correction (support primary school to IELTS)
  16. 抖音数据采集教程,最全python库selenium自动化使用
  17. Pandas 11-综合练习
  18. Pandas 11 - comprehensive exercises
  19. Pandas基础|用户游览日志时间合并排序
  20. python自学 第三章 python语言基础之保留字、标识符与内置函数
  21. python学习例程3-函数
  22. Python GUI 之Tkinter小结 - 知乎
  23. Pandas foundation | user travel log time merge sort
  24. Chapter 3 reserved words, identifiers and built-in functions of the foundation of Python
  25. Tkinter summary of Python GUI - Zhihu
  26. 【Python常用包】itertools
  27. Itertools
  28. [Python] Matplotlib 图表的绘制和美化技巧
  29. Drawing and beautifying skills of [Python] Matplotlib chart
  30. Drawing and beautifying skills of [Python] Matplotlib chart
  31. Python序列之列表(一)
  32. Python解析库lxml与xpath用法总结
  33. Usage Summary of Python parsing library lxml and XPath
  34. Usage Summary of Python parsing library lxml and XPath
  35. Python web/HTML GUI
  36. Invincible, with Python for English teachers to develop an English composition correction artifact (support primary school to IELTS)
  37. Pandas module
  38. Machine learning in Python - Boston house price forecast
  39. 50 Great Python modules
  40. Share the survival status of Python practitioners and tell you the real salary of general programmers
  41. Pandas basic operation update
  42. Python Programming day02 Python operator
  43. Fast start pandas (1)
  44. Usage Summary of Python parsing library lxml and XPath
  45. Python logging module
  46. 1. First meeting pandas
  47. Conversion between Python and base conversion between Python and base
  48. Basics of Python
  49. Fundamentals of python (XIV): errors and exceptions
  50. Fundamentals of python (8): time related modules
  51. Fundamentals of python (I): necessary knowledge for getting started
  52. Operators in Python 3
  53. The list of national computer non graduate schools (captured by Python), just look at this one!
  54. Python data visualization: Seaborn
  55. Introduction to Python to mastering [boutique] Chapter 2 - Basic Python syntax
  56. Quick start pandas (lower)
  57. Quick start pandas (lower)
  58. Operators in Python 3
  59. Python tarfile module
  60. Python basic syntax