Geek daily issue 1: ant group will refund institutional investors; Python V2 is released 20% faster than Python

Geek daily 2020-11-13 07:47:31
geek daily issue ant group

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Internet News

1、 Ant group will refund institutional investors , Over the counter trading 1000 Thousands of stocks

Jing Xiandong, chairman of ant group, organized a high-level meeting overnight , Ants put off Shanghai 、 Hong Kong dual listing . It was mentioned at the meeting “ suspend ” after , It is conservatively estimated that the time for the re listing of ants will be delayed by about half a year .

According to Tencent News , After the suspension of the listing of ant group , The money raised will be returned to institutional investors . Ant group has issued 16.7 Million shares , Among them, institutional investors allocate 15.03635 Million shares . At the issue price per share 80 In Hong Kong dollars , Ant group from institutional investors this time a total of about 1200 Million Hong Kong dollars . According to the OTC agreement , Institutional investors buy 1000 Ten thousand shares have not yet come into effect , Because the effective time stipulated in the agreement is 11 month 5 Japan , After ant group announced the suspension of listing . in other words , this 1000 The over-the-counter trading of 10000 shares has been cancelled .

2、 Apple applied for a new patent for fingerprint identification Touch ID Or will return to iPhone

According to foreign media reports , A patent application was filed with the U.S. office for a trademark of apple “ Short wave infrared optical imaging through electronic device display screen ” Patents , And has passed the audit . In this patent , Apple has proposed a method of fingerprint recognition using short wave infrared optical imaging , It's Apple's screen Touch ID technology .

3、 Mr Yang : Lenovo has more orders than ever before , Next year, the world PC Sales will exceed 3 One hundred million units

Yang Yuanqing predicted that , This year, PC Sales are between 290 million and 295 million . It is entirely possible to grow again next year 5%, Over 300 million . Chairman of Lenovo Group CEO Yang Yuanqing said in an interview with interface news and other media , Last quarter's turnover growth hit a new high , But there are millions of computers 、 Flat 、 Mobile phones can't supply , If you can supply, you will have better performance . Now it's the same situation , There are more orders than ever before , But performance doesn't depend largely on orders , It depends on the supply side .

4、 Release 7 Year of iPhone 5c Be included in 「 Obsolete products 」

According to the AppleInsider reports , Apple updated this week 「 Old and outdated equipment 」(vintage and obsolete products)
list ,2013 Made its debut in iPhone 5c Added to the list . It also means that , This model will only have limited technical support .

5、 Ying Wei Da A100 GPU Log in to Amazon cloud service , Reasoning performance is better than CPU fast 237 times

According to NVIDIA official news , stay AWS function NVIDIA GPU On the tenth anniversary ,AWS Released with new A100 Of Amazon EC2 P4d example . all-new P4d example , For machine learning training and high performance computing applications AWS On the performance and cost-effectiveness of the highest GPU platform . And default FP32 Precision comparison , New examples will FP16 The training time of machine learning model is reduced by as much as 3 times , take TF32 The training time of machine learning model is reduced by as much as 6 times .
These examples also provide excellent reasoning performance .NVIDIA A100 GPU Recent MLPerf Inference Benchmark test in a single shot , Achieved CPU fast 237 The performance of The Times .(IT The home of )

6、 The three operators responded 5G The set meal cannot be changed 4G : I have to go to the business hall

In recent days, , Major mobile operators App Of 4G Set meal processing entrance disappeared ,5G Set meal is the first to be introduced . After field interviews, we found that , Want to change back to 4G The package can only go to the business hall .

7、 The byte jumps again a year ago 1 ten thousand people , The total number of employees will break 10 ten thousand

According to a source , The total number of employees recruited in China this year is close to 3 ten thousand people , And plans to reopen by the end of the year 1 10000 jobs . After recruitment , The total number of employees will jump 10 ten thousand people .

8、 Alibaba cloud disk renamed ,「 Alicloud disk 」 Apple on the shelf App Store:1T Storage space + 5G Download fast

In this year's 8 late , Alibaba has launched a new product called “ Alibaba cloud network disk ” Independence App. The app developer is the Alibaba cloud team under Alibaba , Positioning is for C End users to provide reliable and secure storage backup and intelligent photo album services such as network disk products . before , Alibaba cloud's network disk application will soon be available in apple App Store Off the shelf . Now , Changed its name “ Alicloud disk ” It's back on the apple shelf App Store.

9、 Marriott has leaked 3 A hundred million guests were fined for their information 1.6 Billion

Local time 10 month 30 Japan , Office of the UK Information Commissioner (ICO) Announce that Marriott will be punished with 1840 Thousands of pounds ( renminbi 1.6 One hundred million yuan ) fine . The reason for the fine was that the Starwood hotel owned by Marriott disclosed 3.39 Personal information of 100 million guests .

10、 Online shopping also “ Kill ”? Online shopping for the same product with different accounts 25 element

From this year 11 month 1 It's going to start “ double 11” Online Shopping Festival , Let a lot of consumers buy a happy . But when you buy, you buy , Big data for buyers “ Kill ” Behavior . before , When Ms. Han in Beijing uses her mobile phone to shop on an e-commerce platform , I mistakenly used another mobile phone to check out , But I found that , The same product of the same business , Since registration 12 year 、 Regular use 、 The total consumption is nearly 26 Ten thousand yuan senior member account , It's better than being registered so far 5 More years 、 Rarely used 、 Total consumption 2400 Multiple ordinary accounts , The price is expensive 25 Yuan . Do you encounter big data killing phenomenon when you buy online , Click here to vote :

Programmer area

1、Pyston v2 Release : Than Python fast 20%

Pyston v2 Released , Than Python Faster and highly compatible . In macro benchmarks ,Pyston v2 Than Python 3.8 fast 20%.Pyston v2 Can reduce server cost , Reduce user latency , And improve the efficiency of developers , also Pyston v2 Easy to deploy , Details of the version update can be viewed

2、TypeScript 4.1 RC Release Introduce string template type

TypeScript 4.1 Of RC Version released , This version has a number of updates , New check marks 、 Editor efficiency optimization , The main updates include :

  • Introduce string template type
  • Add key remapping to the mapping type
  • Allow recursive conditional types
  • New check index access function noUncheckedIndexedAccess
  • Use path When you enable path mapping, you can not specify baseUrl
  • checkJs Now default means allowJs, No need to set up at the same time checkJs and allowJs
  • Support React 17 Of jsx and jsxdev function
  • Details of the version update can be viewed :

3、 Microsoft Mac edition Excel Beta Version update : Support ahead of time Apple Silicon Mac equipment

Microsoft has updated Office for Mac A beta version of , To support the upcoming Apple Silicon equipment . Although Apple hasn't released consumer facing Apple Silicon equipment , But the company expects to be in 11 month 10 Japanese “One more thing” It was first introduced in the event Apple Silicon The new model of processor .

11 month 2 A new version released today contains a processor designed for apple in SQL Server Support on connection settings . More specifically ,Excel for Mac The built-in SQL Open data connectivity (ODBC) Providers now support Apple Silicon equipment . Microsoft has also added to TLS v1.2 Communication protocol support .(IT The home of )

4、 Microsoft announced that it would stop support next week Win10 Build 1809, Remind users to upgrade the system

Microsoft is preparing to retire another Windows 10 edition ——Windows 10 edition 1809, Or say 2018 year 10 Monthly update , The update has always been Microsoft Win10 One of the most controversial feature updates of the system . All because 2018 year 10 There is a significant bug, It may cause some user files stored in the library to be deleted , The software giant finally decided to withdraw the update temporarily , The update was re released about a month later , But there are other problems .Windows 10 2018 year 10 The monthly update should have been this year 5 Retired in , But because of the global health crisis, many people are starting to work from home , The company finally decided to extend its support end date by six months .

Github A daily selection

Attack detection tools Crowdsec

Open source address :

Crowdsec It's an open source lightweight software , It can detect peers with aggressive behavior , To prevent it from accessing the system . Thanks to its humanized design and assistance , It provides users with a lower technology entry threshold , But it's very safe . Its processing is divided into 5 A step :

  • Read data source ( Log files , flow , route , news …), Standardizing and enriching signals
  • Combine these signals with behavior patterns ( It's also called a scene ) matching (*)
  • If bad behavior is detected , Please deal with it through the bodyguard : Software components integrated into the application stack , The software component supports various remedies , Stop, for example , return 403 And a quick captcha ,2FA etc. .
  • ( only ) Aggressive IP, The trigger scenario name and timestamp are then sent to our management platform ( To avoid poisoning and false positives )
  • If verified , This IP Will be integrated into the block list , And continue to distribute to all CrowdSec client ( Steps in 1 As a supplementary source )( come from HelloGithub)

CSDN High quality blog selection

1、Github Interpretation of this week's hot list : Powerful OCR Tool library PaddleOCR

What's hot this week ?youtube-dl! That's more than 72k+ star, And because of the copyright problem GitHub Closed projects ,GitHub Trending Last one “ Wail ”, Usually with youtube-dl The project of word open source basically can be in Trending On the list . however , This week's hot spot is not included youtube-dl relevant Repo, Compared to this video resource transcript , This Linux / UNIX So that you can quickly understand the use of forgotten commands “ Copy ” It's deeper than that . except outside ,vscode-stories This makes you “ Prying into ” To the programming story of other developers Repo It is also loved by many overseas R & D personnel , Less than 48 Hours have gained more than 13k Installation amount of >> Read the original

2、Flutter 1.22 Button Case actual combat

Flutter 1.22 Version added 3 Button ,TextButton、OutlinedButton、ElevatedButton, Although before Button Not abandoned , But it's still recommended to use the new Button.

Why is there a new Button? Because it's troublesome to adjust the previous buttons to a uniform appearance , So I used to use custom buttons , The new button solves this problem , It is very convenient to set the overall appearance >> Read the original

3、MIT Black science and technology : Detection of new coronavirus infection through cough data recorded by mobile phone

Recently, the MIT Press Office has released a new detection method , This method only requires patients to collect cough sounds with their mobile phones , Then the artificial intelligence model is used to determine whether the patient has a new coronavirus .

Now the team is working on integrating this model into a more user-friendly application , If FDA Approve large-scale adoption of , Then the app could become a free 、 convenient 、 Noninvasive testing tools . Users can log in every day , Coughing on the cell phone , And immediately get information about whether they might be infected >> Read the original

4、 Unveiling 2020 The fastest growing technical position in ,PHP Become the potential stock of development !

In recent days, , Famous foreign recruitment website Indeed Released 10 The fastest growing technical position , As its website says ,「 Like many other industries , Affected by the new coronavirus , There have also been some changes in the technology industry .」 According to the latest data , since 2020 year 1 Since the month , beginner PHP There is a rapid growth trend in the recruitment of developers , The increase has reached 834%. And JavaScript、HTML5、CSS And other technologies are listed as the necessary skills of top developers . Only in the US region , Have 1-5 year PHP The average salary of programmers with development experience is 73,334 dollar >> Read the original

5、 How to be in Android 11 Request location permission correctly in ? as well as Android 8 - 11 Location permission changes and adaptation methods !

Because now location information becomes sensitive data , therefore Android Limits its use , Especially in APP backstage .
stay Android 9 Before , Location permission is not separated according to the background ,APP Use the same resources in the front and back office . however ,Google Starting to realize something APP Abuse of such data , So we decided to separate the resources according to the way of foreground and background , Add some layers to protect the user's location information data . about Android For developers , That's why we're in APP Asking for location permission in add some extra work >> Read the original .

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