Before the release of Python Master Cultivation: choosing a good book is to avoid detours

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release python master cultivation choosing

A programming language , There's always something unique , It doesn't change with the evolution of language , Let's call it language DNA. A book about programming languages , If you can capture the language DNA, And accurately convey it to the readers , That's a good book . Choose a good book , Can walk a lot of detours less .

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A dozen years ago , near “ Not puzzled ” Time of day , I was lucky to read such a good book , called 《Python 2.1 Bible》, From then on, I fell in love with Python, And apply this sharp tool to the meridian project 、 Space weather warning 、 Data processing of national key scientific research projects such as Fengyun meteorological satellite ( At that time, the field was dominated by C/C++ and Java The two were separated ).

today , Rereading the book can still benefit from it . If learning programming is compared to the cultivation of martial arts in martial arts novels , Then grammar is the same as the one in martial arts . If you don't have internal skills, you'll only be extravagant , It's hard to be a martial arts master . And this book , Besides teaching me moves , What's more, it also taught me internal mental skills , This is known as Python Of DNA.

Gentlemen have wine , Give it with your own words . Share the hardships and successful experiences of exploration , It's always been my wish ,《Python The way of Master Cultivation 》 The publication of a Book , It is a wish . This is not a book in the usual sense Python Programming Language Textbooks , It's not a collection of documents for various toolkits and modules , It's an old programmer for more than ten years Python Use the summary of experience and perception . I hope this book can be handed down from 《Python 2.1 Bible》 Style , Help readers improve quickly Python Language programming level .

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Speaking of 《Python The way of Master Cultivation 》 The publication of this book , There is an episode that I have to say . The new epidemic broke out this Spring Festival , During home isolation , I took part CSDN Blog star of the year online selection . A lot of thanks Python Great support from programmers and enthusiasts , In the end, luck won the crown . In the process of voting , Fans jokingly asked me how to repay their support , I promised to write a book for them Python The book of . Now? , I finally fulfilled my promise .

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For those who have never been exposed to Python Language , But a little bit of programming knowledge ( It is better if you are familiar with or proficient in other programming languages ) For our readers ,《Python The way of Master Cultivation 》 No doubt it's a very suitable primer . This book makes a high degree of abstraction and generalization of basic knowledge , In order to avoid beginners into low-level and lengthy details of knowledge points and the heart of slack ; meanwhile , This book for beginners to plan from the primary to advanced programming skills roadmap , Make sure they are always on the right path .

Even the novice who knows nothing about programming , The book is also very friendly , It is worth reading and reference . Different from the general basic grammar course , This book does not Python Development is limited to an integrated development environment (IDE) in , Instead, it uses interactive programming to enhance readers' understanding of language features , Help readers really understand Python Language and Python Programming , Instead of being a heavy dependency on a development tool . Almost all the sample code in the book runs interactively in Python IDLE in , Nature can also run directly in IPython in . Advocating interactive operation , It doesn't mean that integrated development environments are excluded (IDE). I think interaction is learning Python The best way , And code editor or integrated development environment (IDE) It is an efficient application development tool .

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For something that has a certain foundation Python For the programmer ,《Python The way of Master Cultivation 》 It can be used as a desk reference book . This book starts with basic grammar 、 Let's talk about the basic skills , It covers scientific computing 、 Data processing 、 Machine learning and other fields , The sample code involves 30 The use of the remaining modules . In addition to the usual time and date processing 、 In addition to data capture and parsing technology , It focuses on NumPy、Matplotlib、Pandas、Scipy and Scikit-learn Five core modules in the field of data processing . There are many problems that programmers encounter in their work , Solutions can be found in this book .

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Now Python Popular all over the world , Related articles 、 Books and other learning materials are springing up everywhere . To be frank with you , Most of them , Or they think of readers as children in kindergarten , Let's start with how to open the editor , Or the reader as a computer professional undergraduate or even graduate students , Start with visual recognition or neural networks . For the former , Readers can easily finish a book in one night , It turns out that I close the book and remember nothing ; For the latter , Readers are often short of relevant knowledge , Or because the content is so obscure that it has to be repeated “ From entry to abandonment ”.

Thanks to the experience accumulated in blog creation , In the course of writing this book , I try to avoid low-level, long, high sounding explanations , More use of language that is simple and easy to understand with a little ridicule , With wonderful and interesting code , Explain obscure concepts to the reader . In such a relatively relaxed context , It's easy for readers to understand and learn to use the relevant programming techniques .

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sit and prattle about the general principle , Do what you want . Learning programming theory is important , But just reading 、 Watch the teaching video without doing it , It is impossible to master programming technology . As the saying goes ,“ It's on paper , We must know that we must do it ”. When reading this book , It is suggested that beginners must turn on the computer , start-up IDLE Or other familiar development tools , Enter the code line by line , The examples in the hands-on verification book , Ruminate over and over 、 practice , Strengthen understanding and memory . Only so , To really understand Python, And put the idea into thinking , Make it a handy tool .

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《Python The way of Master Cultivation 》 It has been put on sale in and . During the period of double 11, the preferential power is unprecedented , Readers can buy from any channel ( Scan or long press to identify the QR code ), expect 11 month 15 Daily delivery .

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