Django template

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django template


DTL(django Tempalte language) yes Django The template language comes with . Django Support Jinja2 Wait for other template engines .DTL A template is a special syntax HTML file , Can be Django compile , Origin parameters , Dynamic data . After compiling , Generate an ordinary HTML file , Then send it to the client .

stay Django Provided in render , Directly render the template as a string and wrap it as HttpResponse object .views The following example is as follows :

def index(request):
return render(request,'index.html')

Template search order

Newly added   app Need to be in settings To register :


Template file search :

First of all, it will be on the project templates The lookup .
Second, in your own place app Under the templates Search for .
Finally, in other app Next lookup .
If... In the following code APP_DIRS The value of is False, Not in app Let's search , Only in the project templates The lookup .

'BACKEND': 'django.template.backends.django.DjangoTemplates',
'DIRS': [],
'APP_DIRS': True,
'context_processors': [

Parameter passing

stay render There is context Parameters are passed as parameters .
for example views by :

def index(request):
context = {
'username': 'ty'
return render(request,'index.html', context=context)

stay html Use two curly braces in {{ " Variable " }} reference :

{{ username }}

If it's hierarchical , For example, variables in a class , You can use point class.value To get .
For example, a dictionary , You can also use points to get dict.key . But if you use dict.keys What you get is all of the dictionary key. You can't go through brackets [] The form of acquisition .
For example, a list of , You can use subscripts to get list.index . Tuples are the same .

Commonly used labels

if label : It can also be combined with else Use it together , But there needs to be an end endif, You can use the basic operator == ,!=, >= etc. .

{% if number < 1 %}
<p> Less than 1</p>
{% if number == 1 %}
<p> be equal to 1</p>
{% else %}
<p> Greater than 1</p>
{% endif %}

for label : And Python Of for The sentence situation is similar to , Circular grammar is for X in Y ,Y It's a sequence to iterate, and X Is the name of the variable used in each particular loop . In every cycle , The template system will render in {% for %} and {% endfor %} Between all the content .

{% for athlete in athlete_list %}
<li>{{ }}</li>
{% endfor %}

url label
url The back is path Medium name value .

<a href="{ % url 'urlname' % }"></a>

It can also be in url Add parameters in :

<a href="{ % url 'urlname' id='3' % }"></a>


stay DTL Call form of function is not supported in , So you can't pass parameters to functions . And the filter is actually a function , The parameters to be processed can be processed , And you can receive an extra parameter .
add: Add the parameter passed in to the original value .

{{ value|add:'3' }}

cut: Remove string , Be similar to replace function .

{{ value|cut:" " }}

date: Date format , Put a date in a format , Format as a string .

# data 
context = {
# Templates 
{{ birthday|date:"Y/m/d" }}

Other ways to format time .

Format characters




Four digit year



Two digit months



month ,1-9 There is no 0 Prefix



Two digit days



God , however 1-9 There is no 0 Prefix



Hours ,12 Hour format ,1-9 There is no 0 Prefix



Hours ,12 Hour format ,1-9 There is 0 Prefix



Hours ,24 Hour format ,1-9 There is no 0 Prefix



Hours ,24 Hour format ,1-9 There is 0 Prefix



minute ,1-9 There is 0 Prefix



second ,1-9 There is 0 Prefix


Other filters

filter explain
addslashes Add slashes
capfirst title case
center Center text
default Set the default value
default_if_none by None Set the default value
dictsort Dictionary sort
dictsortreversed Dictionary reverse sort
divisibleby Divide judgment
escape escape
escapejs escape js Code
filesizeformat File size humanized display
first First element
floatformat Floating point format
force_escape Force immediate escape
get_digit Get numbers
iriencode transformation IRI
join Character list links
last the last one
length length
length_is The length is equal to
linebreaks Row conversion
linebreaksbr Row conversion
linenumbers Line number
ljust Align left
lower A lowercase letter
make_list Split into character list
phone2numeric Phone number
pluralize Plural form
pprint debugging
random Random access
rjust Right alignment
safe Safety confirmation
safeseq List security confirmation
slice section
slugify convert to ASCII
stringformat String formatting
striptags Remove HTML The label in
time Time format
timesince From when
timeuntil When and how long
title All words are capitalized
truncatechars Truncated characters
truncatechars_html Truncated characters
truncatewords Truncate words
truncatewords_html Truncate words
unordered_list Unordered list
upper Capitalization
urlencode escape url
urlize url Turn to a clickable link
urlizetrunc urlize How to truncate
wordcount Word count
wordwrap Word wrapping
yesno take True,False and None, Mapping to a string ‘yes’,‘no’,‘maybe’

Template inheritance

Write a public html file , Inheriting the common module in the sub template can achieve the purpose of reuse . Use... In submodules { % extends 'xxx.html' % }
In public html In file , have access to block As an interface , Fill in the contents of the common module area . The common module will be filled and covered block Chinese content .

# Common module ,block The back is block name 
{% block blockname %}
{% endblock %}
# Sub module 

{ % extends 'xxx.html' % }
{% block blockname %}
{% endblock %}

If the public module block There is no hope that it will be covered , You can add block.super Are identified .

# Common module ,block The back is block name 
{% block blockname %}
{{ block.super }}
This is code that won't be covered
{% endblock %}

Load static file

1、 Make sure django.contrib.staticfiles Has been added to settings Medium INSTALLED_APPS
2、 Make sure settings Set up in STATIC_URL = '/static/'
3、 On the installed app Next create a folder called static
4、 If some static files are not consistent with any app Hooked up , Can be in settings Add STATICFILES_DIRS

os.path.join(BASE_DIR, "static")

5、 Used in templates load Label load static label .

 {% load static %}
<link rel="stylesheet" href="{ % static 'style.css' % }">

6、 If you don't want to load static files in the template each time, use load load static label , So it can be settings Medium TEMPLATES/OPTIONS Add built-in tags in the ,builtins


7、 If not in settings Under the INSTALLED_APPS Add django.contrib.staticfiles , Then you need to manually request the static file url Mapping to the path of a static file .



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