Python Batch png turn ico

One 、 Preface :

First of all ico Role of documents :ico yes windows The icon file format of , It can be used to display the first icon in the browser , It can also be used for Windows Software . My words are usually used to beautify Folder icon . Like this :

Two 、 Ideas :

  1. ico Standards of documentation :

    ico The document must be square .

    You can do an experiment : Find a square file on the Internet , The suffix to ico It can also be successful .

    Common sizes :256*256

  2. png Icon download site :Iconfont- Alibaba vector icon library

  3. Can handle pictures Python library :pillow

    Installation method :pip install pillow

3、 ... and 、 Code :

import os
# PIL : Python Imaging Library
from PIL import Image # Get the file name in the directory
files = os.listdir()
# Icon size
size = (256,256) # Create a separate one for the icon file icon Catalog
if not os.path.exists('icon'):
os.mkdir('icon') for inName in files:
# Separating file names from extensions
tmp = os.path.splitext(inName)
# because python The files are in the same directory as the pictures , So we need to judge
if tmp[1] == '.png':
outName = tmp[0] + '.ico'
# Open the picture and set the size
im =
# Save the icon file to icon Catalog
path = os.path.join('icon', outName) print('{} --> {}'.format(inName, outName))
except IOError:
print('connot convert :',inName)

Execution results :

Four 、 Information :

  1. ICO(Windows The icon file format of )_ Baidu Encyclopedia (

  2. Python Batch conversion png Picture is ico_ The cat in North Lane -CSDN Blog

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