Will Python die in 2021? A review of the final version of Python 3.9

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python die review final version

Python The development of

Python Is one of the most popular and developing programming languages . be based on TIOBE score , A software quality company claims Python It's an aggressive programming language . To 2020 year ,Python To replace the Java, In second place . however , Top of the list is still c. This is a Python in the past 20 Impressive achievements in the past year .

Why? Python Unstoppable ? First ,Python Working well in machine learning and deep learning . We can start with Google , Through Google collaboration Lab (Colab) Develop simple machine learning or deep learning for people . People can go to Google Colab Run their machine learning or deep learning code on the machines provided . Google Labs held Jupyter project , Set up in Google Labs Jupyter notebook Environmental Science .

secondly ,Python In the Internet of things (IoT) The field is growing . according to Eclipse Foundation's 2018 Internet of things developer survey ,Python It's one of the top programming languages for the Internet of things 4 name . If we review TIOBE Indexes , I Believe Python Will defeat other languages .2019 year ,StackOverFlow This is emphasized , in other words ,Python It's the most popular programming 、 Script and markup language before 4 name . about Python Come on , It's a huge step forward , Because in 2017 year ,Python More than the PHP, and c# stay 2018 I was defeated in .Python It's the fastest growing programming language .

Third ,Python It's the best programming language to start the journey of Data Science .Python It's open source. , So a lot of people are developing it for a lot of topics , From scientists to corporate data analysts . They build all kinds of Python library , For example, it can read 100 Ten thousand lines of data Vaex and PyMC3, To explore the high dimensional parameters in Bayesian reasoning paradigm .

Python The prospect of

that ,Python Will be in 2021 Did you die in 2005 ? According to Wikipedia ,Python It was originally made by Guido van Rossum stay 1991 Published in . Now? ,Python already 29 Year old . Klingenberg and his colleagues are 1995 Annual discovery , Captive boa constrictors (Python) The typical life span of 20 To 30 In between . If Python I'm imitating Python, that Python Will be in 2021 Died in . however , I Believe Python Not in 2021 It's going to die in , Because it turns out to be unstoppable . Maybe , stay 2021 year , We're going to meet a new Python edition ,Python4.

stay 2020 year 10 month 4 Japan ,Python.org Released Python 3.9.0 The final version of . Some of the new grammars are :

01. https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0584/

One added to dict The union operator for . With this PEP, You can merge and update dictionaries . Here is an example of merging and updating dictionaries .

x = {"dict1": "x1", "dict2": "x2"}
y = {"dict2": "y1", "dict3": "y2"}
# merge dict
x | y

The result is

{'dict1': 'x1', 'dict2': 'y1', 'dict3': 'y2'}

You can use (|=) Update Dictionary . Here is an example

x = {"dict1": "x1", "dict2": "x2"}
y = {"dict2": "y1", "dict3": "y2"}
# update dict x
x |= y

If you print x, The result is

{'dict1': 'x1', 'dict2': 'y1', 'dict3': 'y2'}

02. https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0585/

Types in the standard collection prompt generics . Use this PEP, You can use the built-in collection type (list and dict) As a generic type , Not with typing The uppercase type in ( for example list or dict) Corresponding .

03. https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0614/

Relaxed decorator Grammatical restrictions on . With this PEP, You can use any valid expression as a decorator .

04. https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0615/

You can use zoneinfo System time zone data provided . In order to use it , You can read the following code .

from zoneinfo import ZoneInfo
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
dt = datetime(2020, 10, 31, 12, tzinfo=ZoneInfo("America/Los_Angeles"))

If you print variables dt, You will get the result

2020-10-31 12:00:00-07:00

The results will tell you the year 、 Month and date . After that , You'll get the Los Angeles location GMT-7 Time . It's good to use the specified date and time , for example , astronomers . Astronomers need this parameter to track “ Rover ” The celestial bodies of , Like planets in the solar system 、 An asteroid 、 Comets, etc .

05. https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0616/

String methods to remove prefixes and suffixes . You can use this PEP Remove prefixes and suffixes . Here is an example

string = 'Hello World'
# remove prefix

The result is

' World'

Here's an example of deleting suffixes

string = 'Hello World'
# remove prefix

You'll get this result

'Hello '


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