It's estimated that 80% of pandas people have to hang up!

Liu Zaoqi 2021-01-21 09:59:45
estimated pandas people hang

Hello everyone , I am a Get up early , Today I'd like to share with you pandas in apply A trick of functions .

Pandas in apply function , Widely applied , Today I want to share with you a skill of using , Use apply take dataframe The content of list Split the columns of into multiple columns .

Before splitting Data of , As shown in the red mark below :

After break up , As shown in the figure below :

In this case ,Lemon The data used comes from akshare , Before the start , To introduce the relevant package :

import pandas as pd
import akshare as ak

Lemon Two used Python The version information of the library is as follows :


First from akshare Get the data you need , Divided into two steps , First step It's a list of fund codes , as follows :

df = ak.fund_em_fund_name().head(20).tail(5)
df = df[[' Fund code ',' Fund abbreviation ']]

The second step Is to obtain the net value data and net value date of the fund , Get... Through a custom function , The custom functions are as follows :

# Get the net value of the fund unit and the net value date
def get_mutual_fund(code):
df = ak.fund_em_open_fund_info(fund=code, indicator=" Unit net worth trend ")
df.columns = [' Net value date ', ' Unit net worth ', 'equityReturn', 'unitMoney']
df[' Net value date '] = pd.to_datetime(df[' Net value date '])
df = df.sort_values(' Net value date ',ascending=False)
unit_equity = df.head(1)[' Unit net worth '].values[0]
date_latest = df.head(1)[' Net value date '].values[0]
return [unit_equity, date_latest]

For this custom function , stay pandas Use apply To apply custom functions , This is the use of apply It's a common method of , as follows :

# Get the latest unit net value and net value date of the fund
df['tmp'] = df[' Fund code '].apply(get_mutual_fund)

The obtained data screenshot is as follows :

In the picture above tmp Column , That's what we need to deal with this time .

There are many ways to deal with it , here Lemon Use pandas Medium apply To deal with it , relatively speaking , It's also a convenient way .

stay apply Function , Use pd.Series We can achieve our goal .

# Separate unit net value and net value date
df[[' The latest net unit value ',' Net value date ']] = df['tmp'].apply(pd.Series)
df = df.drop('tmp',axis=1)

give the result as follows :

Seemingly complex problems , It's also very convenient to solve , Isn't it easy , Use it quickly .


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