Learning PPO algorithm programming from scratch (Python version)

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learning ppo algorithm programming scratch

Learn from scratch PPO Algorithm programming (pytorch edition )( One )

These articles introduce the use of Pytorch Conduct PPO( Near end strategy optimization ) Algorithm programming . This article is from the Internet PPO Learning practice is writing while learning , Hope to smooth out the whole process .

This article begins with a general introduction to writing PPO The flow of the algorithm and the files used .

Study PPO The foundation of algorithmic programming :Python,pytorch, Reinforcement learning , Introduction to strategy gradient algorithm ,PPO Theoretical knowledge of . Here are some learning references :
Intuitive understanding PPO Algorithm
PPO Algorithm 【 Theory Chapter 】
PPO The algorithm is easy to understand
PG Algorithm
Strategy gradient descent algorithm
Strengthen learning and knowledge arrangement

Refer to the online tutorial for practice , First, the training code is divided into 4 File , Namely main.py,ppo.py,network.py and arguments.py.
arguments.py: Parsing command line arguments ,main Function can call .
main.py: Executable file , Use arguments.py Parsing command line arguments , Initialize the environment and PPO Model .
PPO.py: preservation PPO Model
network.py: Used in PPO Defined in the model Actor-Critic The neural network module of the network , It contains a feedforward neural network .
Actor-Critic The model is periodically saved to a binary file ppo_actor.pth and ppo_critic.pth in , You can load them as you test or continue training .

The test code is mainly located in eval_policy.py in , from main.py call .
eval_policy.py: Test the trained strategy in the specified environment , This module is completely independent of all other files .

 The training process
 Testing process
Reference resources :
Coding PPO from Scratch with PyTorch

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