I've talked about it before based on tensorflow Of openpose Version installed , But I don't think so caffe The frame is so easy to use , Many functions can't be realized , Such as regulation net_resolution The adjustment of , By adjusting the resolution to improve the accuracy and speed of detection . And hands. 、 Face and foot key recognition , For now ,tensorflow None of the versions mentioned .
So seek caffe There are many advantages to the framework , I hope small partners who want to develop large-scale projects still choose caffe Version of , The source code is c+. If you don't know much about it c++ My friends , May adopt python api Project development .

If there is something unclear in this article , You can refer to the following installation tutorials for bloggers .
## 1.https://medium.com/pixel-wise/real-time-pose-estimation-in-webcam-using-openpose-python-2-3-opencv-91af0372c31c 2.https://blog.techbridge.cc/2019/01/18/openpose-installation/ 3.https://blog.csdn.net/qq_20226441/article/details/82380030 4.https://blog.csdn.net/zb1165048017/article/details/82115724

openpose c++ Environment construction of :
openpose1.5.0 + vs2017 +cuda10.2 + cudnn7 + win10

1.openpose Acquisition

open https://github.com/CMU-Perceptual-Computing-Lab/openpose
choice openpose1.5.0 The latest version , Click on clone or download, Download to the project directory .

2.vs2017 Installation , It is recommended that you install in the default path

3.cuda and cudnn install

cuda Official website :https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-downloads
cudnn Official website :https://developer.nvidia.com/cudnn
My links :https://pan.baidu.com/s/1Qyi9BUHf26b5ftCUr1FJKA
Extraction code :ukp3

4. Download the model file

1. Follow the directory to open the file :\openpose\3rdparty\windows Next, find four .bat Run the batch file once to automatically download the required environment .( I tried to run very slowly , You can download it from your browser , It's faster )

2. stay \openpose\models Find below getModels.bat Batch files run to download the required model .

5.cmake install

6. Build project ( As shown in the figure below )

single click configure To configure , Maybe download some files ,
Pay attention to choose the appropriate vs edition , The default is vs2017, if 64 Bit platform selection win64
Wait for the progress bar to finish , A red background indicates new content , It is suggested that all model Check all of them , because coco and mpi The model is relative body_25 It's simpler , It can speed up the operation .
Remember to gpu-mode Change to cuda
single click generate Generating engineering files , Maybe download some files .

7. Build a library

use Visual Studio 2015 Open build/OpenPose.sln Archives
Switch to the Release Mode And Build Project
This is very important , If it's not changed to release, hinder python api Will fail to start .
8. Run the test
Will want to run the project (openposedemo perhaps tutorial The project in ) Right click Set as start project f5 function .

important :

If all the above steps are done , It should be possible in
openpose\build\python\openpose\Release notice
openpose_python.cp36-win_amd64.pyd library file .
(OpenPose The original is to use C++ It's written , Yes, it is pybind11 Baocheng Python You can call library, there cp36 refer to python3.6 edition , Be sure to pay attention to , After that, the environment changed , And recompile .)

After completing the above steps , You can go to \openpose\build\examples\tutorial_api_python The files needed to run .
such as openpose_python.py, This is the running camera , For real-time detection .
Be careful :dir_path, It means you openpose Installation directory , If you change the project environment , It needs to be changed to the following absolute path .

Here's how to modify the parameters , It involves a lot of parameters , Later, we will introduce the meaning of the relevant parameters . You can also view the relevant documents yourself .
Later, there will be related openpose Documentation of , Very interesting , There are many things to pay attention to .
At present, the development and collation of related projects are in progress , Interested partners can join the discussion , Of course, the party refused , I hope you can respect each other's achievements , Opportunities for cooperation .

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