Because it takes , So I'm probably 19 year 5 Start to learn... In June python, I've probably learned 1 After a month , I can do the work of the company , And this python The project also includes machine learning and other elements , Probably 3 After a month , I also undertook the task of developing machine learning data analysis in the project . So I feel , although python There are reptiles in it 、 Hot elements like machine learning and data analysis , but python It's not hard to learn , And if it's done right , The level of learning competent projects is also very fast . In this article , Just tell me how to learn Python The process of , Show you how to learn effectively python.

1  Build development environment

Because I have to learn java The basis of , So I know that the first step is to build a development environment , I was using eclipse+Python Interpreter +pydev Plug in environment , I was still using 3.4 Interpreter , Now, of course, the interpreter seems to arrive at 3.9 了 , I also use Pycharm Integrated development environment .

If you want to learn now python, The following steps are recommended to build the environment .

1.  Download it on the official website python Interpreter , And install

This is the official website ,, Here you can choose the latest version , And according to the operating system of your machine , download windows or linux or mac Version of , I downloaded it windows edition . After downloading, press the prompt to complete the installation .

python It's interpreted language , So after downloading and installing the interpreter , You can run it locally python The language .

2.  install pycharm Integrated development environment

Install well python After the interpreter , In theory, you can use the command line , Develop and run python Procedure . But it's inconvenient , So I suggest that we go to This website to download and install pycharm Integrated development environment .

3.  Install third party package

When the installation is good python After interpreter , The interpreter comes with some basic dependency packages , But if you want to develop machine learning or data analysis programs , You need to install a third-party package , For example, as mentioned later numpy etc. .

The way I install third-party packages is , In the command window , adopt cd Wait for the order , Enter into Python The path where the interpreter is located , such as C:\Users\think\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37, In this path , Enter again Scripts route , find pip3 command , Subsequently passed pip3 install The way the package name is , Install third party package , For example, to install numpy package , The corresponding order is pip3 install numpy.

So far, the development environment has been set up .

2  The pitfalls in building a development environment

I've come across two pitfalls in building a development environment , The first is to change the source , The second is in pycharm Find the corresponding interpreter in .

    What's a change of source ?

In use pip3 install numpy Wait for the command to install the third-party library , The default seems to be to download from foreign websites , In this way, if you encounter a big bag , And when the network is bad , It's going to be difficult to download , So you can use the following -i Parameters , Specify the source to download the third party report .

pip3 install -i virtualen

here -i After the parameter It's Tsinghua source , and virtualen The third party package to be downloaded , So that you can download and install third-party packages in a faster way .

stay pycharm The interpreter is defined in

I've been working on this for a long time , Later, I took my classmates to the training class python when , I find that beginners often make mistakes here .

We know ,pycharm Will bring it python Interpreter .

But this version of the interpreter may not be what we expected , So we're going to install other interpreters . That's the problem , The installed third-party package follows the interpreter .

Let's say we have pycharm Self contained 3.8 There are several third-party packages installed in the interpreter , But if you switch to your own 3.9python In the interpreter , These third-party packages will all change .

For example, when we switch the interpreter , Found that the third party package has changed .

So when installing third-party packages , You have to pay attention to , To select the interpreter , such as 3.9 In the directory of this interpreter , Run the pip3 command , This allows you to install packages for specific interpreters .

3  Get familiar with grammar by typing code

Python The introductory books are almost the same , I was using this . There are not many introductory books , Run through the grammar code in a book .

Python The basic grammar of English includes : Branch loop , aggregate ( Lists, dictionaries, tuples, etc ), object-oriented ( Classes and inheritance, etc ), File read and write and exception handling , These grammar points , Run through , You can basically understand , At the beginning of learning , Don't go into it too much .

If you think your programming foundation is average , You can find another book , Like this one . But you don't have to look at the basic grammar , Running two books of code is enough . because Python The focus of the project is data analysis 、 Crawlers and machine learning and so on .

4  Learn data analysis three swordsman components

My project is to use Python Quantitative analysis of stocks , But I observed , No use Python What kind of application to do , Data analysis three swordsmen , such as Numpy,Pandas and Matplotlib These three libraries , Generally, we have to master .

I was reading this , It contains the grammar and application of the three swordsmen , I usually read a book , And then run it according to the code inside , Data analysis , It should be able to work as well .

5  Study Scrapy The crawler frame

My project doesn't include crawlers , But then I took a private job , Recording for a school python Crawler video . So I used 2 weeks , Bought the book , I ran according to the cases in it , You know Scrapy Details of the reptile .

learn Scrapy The main points of the framework are as follows .

  • Scrapy Third party is more difficult to build , You need to pack other bags in advance , It is suggested to use python3.8 and 3.9 Based on the interpreter , Set up the environment .
  • It is recommended to download the package locally , Install it locally .

But if you do build it Scrapy The environment , Do as the book says , Basically, there won't be any big problems .

6  Case based machine learning sklearn library

Machine learning , I was reading this book , There's machine learning , It's also useful sklearn We do linear regression and SVM Analysis of the case .

My experience is : Although the algorithm of machine learning is more complex , But it's basically encapsulated in sklearn It's in the library , in other words , stay python All you need to do is call the method , Pass in the correct parameters , The machine learning algorithm can be used in the project .

7  Learn from stock quantification cases python Data analysis

In previous books , There are more comprehensive cases of integrating machine learning and data analysis , It can also be used synthetically numpy+pandas+matplotlib+sklearn library , But my project is about financial quantification , So I bought this book again , Integrate learning data analysis with quantitative cases .

8  inductive : I learned python My experience

I feel like I'm learning python Our efficiency is still high , Here is to summarize my learning experience .

  • Learning must have a purpose , For example, use python Looking for a job , It's going to be used in the project python, Or use python To pick up private work , If you don't have a purpose, don't learn .
  • Video learning is not recommended at the beginning , It's about buying books and learning , Because the knowledge points in the book are more systematic , And the code in the book makes sure it works .
  • Don't just read , Be sure to run the code while mastering the skills .

In the same way , You will be familiar with in a month python.

9  summary : I learned python Cost and benefit of

    The cost of money

I used to buy books about 400 element

    Time cost

A month's evenings and weekends , The others run without doing anything python, You can get familiar with python grammar + Data analysis , Plus a month , I am familiar with machine learning grammar .

    earnings :

I can do projects at work , Earn a salary .

Two books came out later , The remuneration is about 2 ten thousand 5 about

I can give lectures , This piece of money is OK .

Made a python Reptile private work , Earned 1 More than ten thousand .

But I feel , because python Including hot topics such as deep learning , So programmers should really find a goal first , Like job hopping , And then learn python. According to the process I give in this article , You should also be able to learn how to work quickly .

    Please pay attention to my official account : Progress together , Make money together , In the official account , There will be many wonderful articles .

From my own experience , Talk about learning python The process of , Also recommend learning python More related articles about the book

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