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【 Introduction 】: A design pattern is a set that is used repeatedly 、 Most people know that 、 Catalogued 、 Summary of code design experience . Design patterns are used for reusable code 、 Make code easier for others to understand 、 Ensure code reliability .python-patterns Is the use python Implement a collection of design patterns .

brief introduction

Learned a lot of programming languages , Is he a good programmer ? in fact , The introduction is very simple , But real mastery doesn't just need to be able to write simple analogies “Hello World” The program , Also need to be proficient in application , And solve all kinds of problems . On the road to mastery , Design pattern is a knowledge that we must contact and master .

Design patterns are the solution to the general problems that software developers face in the process of software development , These solutions are summed up by many software developers after a long period of time and mistakes , It's the cornerstone of software engineering , It's like bricks and stones in a building .

Currently on the market , The design patterns book we bought , It's basically using Java The realization of language , about Python The users of the language are not very friendly , and python-patterns It just fills the gap .

The address of this open source project is :https://github.com/faif/pytho...

Monster tried the strategy design pattern that he often used ,repo The code in is very simple , A little change can be applied to your own project , It's very easy to use .

Supported design patterns

Create pattern

  • Abstract factory pattern (abstract_factory)
  • The singleton pattern (brog)
  • Builder pattern (builder)
  • Factory mode (factory)
  • Inert evaluation model (lazy_evaluation)
  • Object pool mode (pool)
  • Archetypal model (prototype)

Structural mode

  • 3 Layer pattern (3-tier)
  • Adapter pattern (adapter)
  • Bridging mode (bridge)
  • Portfolio model (composite)
  • Decorator mode (decorator)
  • Appearance mode (facade)
  • The flyweight pattern (flyweight)
  • Front end controller mode (front_controller)
  • MVC Pattern (mvc)
  • The proxy pattern (proxy)

Behavioral patterns

  • The chain of responsibility model (chain_of_responsibility)
  • Directory mode (catelog)
  • Method chain model (chaining_method)
  • Command mode (command)
  • Iterator pattern (iterator)
  • Intermediary model (mediator)
  • Memo mode (memento)
  • Observer mode (observer)
  • Publish subscribe mode (publish_subscribe)
  • Registration mode (registry)
  • Specification mode (specification)
  • The state pattern (state)
  • The strategy pattern (strategy)
  • Template pattern (template)
  • Visitor mode (visitor)

Testable mode

  • Dependency injection pattern (dependency_injection)

The basic model

  • Delegate pattern (delegation_pattern)

Other modes

  • Blackboard mode (blackboard)
  • Graph search mode (graph_search)
  • hsm Pattern (hsm)

Examples of policy patterns

Here the monster tried python-patterns Example of the strategy pattern in .

The policy pattern defines a set of algorithms , Encapsulate every algorithm , And they can replace each other . The policy pattern makes each algorithm and the entity that calls them independent of each other , Reduced code redundancy . Generally, when the algorithm strategy needs to be replaced frequently , Consider the policy pattern . For example, the following example of order price calculation is often encountered in e-commerce scenarios , The full reduction will be used in calculating the price 、 Discount 、 Coupons, etc .

class Order:
def __init__(self, price, discount_strategy=None):
self.price = price
self.discount_strategy = discount_strategy
def price_after_discount(self):
if self.discount_strategy:
discount = self.discount_strategy(self)
discount = 0
return self.price - discount
def __repr__(self):
fmt = "<Price: {}, price after discount: {}>"
return fmt.format(self.price, self.price_after_discount())
def ten_percent_discount(order):
return order.price * 0.10
def on_sale_discount(order):
return order.price * 0.25 + 20

After using policy mode , It can be done as follows , When calculating the price of an order , Dynamic selection needs to use the price calculation strategy .

def main():
>>> Order(100)
<Price: 100, price after discount: 100>
>>> Order(100, discount_strategy=ten_percent_discount)
<Price: 100, price after discount: 90.0>
>>> Order(1000, discount_strategy=on_sale_discount)
<Price: 1000, price after discount: 730.0>
if __name__ == "__main__":
import doctest

Other design pattern content , Please see the :

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