Two years of Java, to write Python and go

TinyLeon 2021-02-22 13:01:08
years java write python


2019 year 5 month , Upon receipt of offer The moment of the mail , I still can't believe what happened to me . Seven interviews , Finally get what you want , Got the byte beating offer.

It's not a coincidence to make the decision to join the big factory . In many years of career , I have contacted the services of first-line Internet companies many times , There is a lot of contact with the staff of the front line company , Plus all kinds of technology blogs , It makes me more and more interested in big factories . in addition , Second line Internet companies are relatively slow , The internal management mechanism can't meet my expectation of the ultimate engineer culture . Maybe I'm destined to be 996 Cultural baptism ^_^

As I said in my previous blog , With a solid foundation Skill level , I'm in a second tier Internet company , It's just 4 Years and 3 Months . During this time , I buy a house and a car , Live a leisurely and comfortable life . But my leisure life didn't satisfy me , After two years of writing C# after , I decided to turn Java, At the same time, I am studying for a master's degree in software engineering , Finally in the 2018 year 5 month , I got my master's degree ,Java Programming ability has been accumulated for a year .

It's time .


In my early years, I had an interview with a large factory , At that time, my technical skills and industry knowledge were accumulated , Can be recognized . But in recent years, the interview style of Internet companies has changed dramatically , And the changes of the big factories are surprisingly consistent : Problem. . So we retrieve the data structure and the basic algorithm , Become the only preparatory work I need to pay attention to .

During my master's years , I hardly have a full weekend . The year and a half ahead , I go to school on weekends , Every two weeks on Sunday afternoons there are exams . Every weekend for the next two years , I have been preparing my master's thesis in the office . The teacher did his duty to me , It also led to my thesis changing again and again , You can open a blog to chat about it ~ In these years of exercise , I'm used to it without a full weekend , I'm not used to it when I'm free after my master's degree , Let's practice .

It's not easy to brush up the topic , When I first opened leetcode It's just 800+ The subject of , I made a plan for myself , How many strokes per day . Interestingly leetcode The number of topics will increase over time , By the time I get the bytes offer when , The website has 1000+ It's the topic of . Years away from school , And work has been immersed in the field of Engineering , The data structure and basic algorithm have been given back to the teacher for a long time .

It's not suitable for the first time , I don't want to see the answers to some questions , I think I can solve it , So the previous question will take a long time . The process is painful , And growing doubts and disappointments about yourself , My state of mind is constantly deepening , At first, I don't think about tea, I don't think about rice , With one heart and one mind . Maybe quantitative change produces qualitative change , At the end of the week, I finally figured it out hard After the question , The following process starts smoothly .

I feel that I can write a blog by myself , I hope you are interested in .



Interview and failure

The state of the interview needs to be cultivated gradually , It's better to practice with other companies first , Then go to interview your favorite company . The way to get an interview , You can extrapolate , Or recommended by headhunters , The worst way is to submit your resume on the official website . At that time, byte was expanding recruitment , It's a hit with me , He readily accepted the interview invitation of headhunter . Of course, I also received an invitation from another giant company , Opened another story , Here, press no table first .

Byte interview process has brought the whole Internet circle of brush topic wind , That should not be too much . Interviews are usually 3 On the technical side , a HR Noodles . Technical interviews are all online , Both the interviewer and the candidate are holding the computer , On , Talk to the microphone through the camera . The first two technical interviewers were very nice, Plus I've been working for years , The answers to the questions are basically in the stream , Finally, the interviewer said with a sly smile , Let's do two questions , I knew the foreplay was over .

Half a year later, I also became the interviewer of byte , Just understand , If you don't do a good job in the problem part , No matter how good the previous answers are fail. Of course, if the answer is excellent ,coding The difficulty of the topic will also be reduced as appropriate , Increase the probability of a candidate passing . If Q & a performance is not good ,coding The difficulty of the topic will increase appropriately , Make sure that the candidates with solid programming skills are not good at words , Be able to pass the interview . Because of my careful preparation ,coding Part of it wasn't hard for me , The most difficult question is leetcode in medium The difficulty of . At the end of the interview, I communicated well with the interviewer , Although the interviewer can't disclose the result of the interview , But I know it's safe .

On the technical side of the third scene , I met Waterloo . The interviewer is a very hard core , Let's look at the seniors who are much older than me , The storage lock and tree data structure are discussed , My answer is not good . In the following questions , The interviewer also gave a variant of the tree data structure , I've been stumbling, too .

Predictably , I'm on the third side fail 了 .

Fighting again and succeeding

No success can be achieved overnight , I comfort myself like this . But it took a long time to prepare , It is still not recognized by the first-line manufacturers , Let my heart wave around , And began to self doubt .

Then I became an interviewer , The talent pool will screen the best candidates who have been interviewed before , Get it back and continue the interview . I did well in the last two rounds of interviews , byte HR Finally contacted me again , Let me continue with the interview . After all the previous failures , I thought over the pain , On the one hand, we should continue to consolidate our knowledge system , On the other hand, they are constantly consolidating their mentality , Finally I passed the next 3 Round interview , Go to the HR Noodles .

The last technical interview , I received HR Invitation , I went to the headquarters in Shanghai . On that day, my classmates just moved into the new office building in the oasis of science and technology , Everyone's faces are full of new and happy expressions , And I was in a small, bright, comfortable meeting room , I met a senior employee of byte , After a pleasant conversation , He gave me paper and pen , Let me do the questions on the paper . I'm a little surprised , But then a smile , Feeling that this is the byte model . Finished two medium After the question , I shook hands with this veteran employee , He left , Just leave me waiting HR Come to the final communication .

A week later , I received a byte beating offer.


The process of adding bytes is worth remembering for a long time . I've been in the second line Internet for a long time , It can still be recognized by the first-line manufacturers ;28 Old age , Can still be given the opportunity to enter the international front-line team ; Every little bit of everyday effort , It turns out it's not in vain .

In this experience , I especially want to thank HR Cute girl , She found me again ; Want to thank the boss in byte , He gave me inspiration and challenge , Let me be able to transmute again after adding bytes ; And thank you for talking with me and asking me to write on paper , It's a new and happy experience ^_^

Byte's work experience , The process of getting a master's degree , And my later fate with another Internet giant , It will be updated in the following blog , I hope you will pay attention to my official account of WeChat : Technology, Academy, art ,B standing : Technology, Academy, art      



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