Python belongs to back-end development or front-end development? Introduction to Python!

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python belongs back-end end development

Someone wrote to Xiaobian that : I want to work in back-end development , You can learn Python Language? ?Python Is it back-end development or front-end development ?

Python Front end or back end ?

Python It belongs to back-end development ,Python It's a high-level combination of explanatory 、 Compilability 、 Interactive and object-oriented scripting language .Python Our design is very readable , Compared with other languages, English keywords are often used , Some punctuation marks in other languages , It has a more distinctive grammatical structure than other languages , It plays an important role in back-end development .

And in Python Writing the back end in can be simplified to writing each module , The connection between them is then determined and controlled by the user operation in the front end section .

Besides ,Python It's also a dynamic 、 Object oriented scripting language , Originally designed to write automated scripts , With the continuous update of the version and the addition of new language features , More and more used for independence 、 Development of large projects .

PS:Python When doing backend development , More suitable for Linux System .

Python What are the characteristics of language ?

1.Python There are relatively few keywords , Simple structure , And a clearly defined grammar , It's easier to learn ;

2.Python More clearly defined code , Easy to read ;

3.Python The success is that its source code is fairly easy to maintain

4.Python One of the biggest advantages is a rich library 、 Cross platform , stay Unix、Windows and Mac It's very compatible on the Internet ;

5.Python The support of interactive mode , You can enter the language that executes the code and gets the result from the terminal , Interactive test and debug code snippets ;

6. Based on its open source features ,Python Has been ported to many platforms ;

7.Python Scalable , If you need a piece of critical code that runs fast , Or you want to write algorithms that you don't want to open up , have access to C or C++ Completion procedure , And then from your Python Call in program .

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