Peeping into the future is not a dream, python data analysis is easy to achieve

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peeping future dream python data


What is programming , To put it simply, it's actually to write code ? That's such a boring job , Why do so many people want to enter this industry ? Actually , As a professional for many years “ Senior cv The engineer ”, One College entrance examination 6 Institutions , Every institution 6 A professional , There's no one who has anything to do with computers , Up to now, I have completely fallen in love with the computer industry , It's very simple , When you see yourself writing countless lines of code , Finally, it shows the functions one by one demo, Help a lot of people save a lot of practice ,demo Isn't it our project to unite ? Right , In fact, the charm of programming is to teach the computer to help you do all kinds of difficult things in the shortest time , And then help others

Because I wrote some for you before Python Reptiles Related cases of , It's very hot recently python What can I do for you ? It doesn't seem to have much to do with my work , Take a moment to look down , except Artificial intelligence , big data Beyond such high-end disciplines , How does he help you in your daily life


First knowledge of data analysis


If you're an accountant , Administration , Journalism , In medicine and other professions, you can use data analysis to help you sort out and report a lot of data

What era is this , This is an age of data , You have to deal with a lot of data reports every day 、 Reports, even customer relationship news, etc , however , There is a saying. , The number is not as good as the watch , Chart is not as good as table , I don't know if your year-end report is finished , Let me take this year-end report as an example , In fact, it's plain , What the year-end report should do is to show the data of the whole year and the data of the future ? And the data , When we finish the presentation , What can you do , The previous data can be directly used out of the box , adopt excel Wait for the operation , Even though it's a little more troublesome , But it's also possible to make some forms (ps:office Except for the gods , I this office Small slag , Don't even think about it ), But when the amount of data comes up ,office Not even the great God , What's more, with the help of previous data , Show the future . What the year-end report decides is the amount of the year-end bonus , And your career development in the coming year , So at this point , Through data processing, filtering and visual analysis , Come to the conclusion , Help you make decisions

With all of you , The time to feel your head and make decisions is over , This is the age of data driven decision making , Or you write a year-end report , The boss asked you how you got this conclusion , You said you felt it ? If your whole report data derivation conclusion is in place , Are you more likely to add year-end bonus to your year-end report ?

So much for that ,python What can I do for you ?

Look directly at the renderings


That's our most basic , Draw our icon through the corresponding data , The source of the data is simple , It's America that can be downloaded from the Internet gdp Data graph , But if I really want you to do it , You're going to have a headache , If you don't believe it, you can try

This is the data format :


Data source address :


I think it will take a lot of time just for you to paste and organize the data , however , The same thing , If you give it all to python To do it , How much time can I save you ? The first is our data acquisition



Crawler gets data code

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import requests
from lxml import etree
import openpyxl

def get_html(url):
   headers = {
       "User-Agent": "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/83.0.4103.106 Safari/537.36"
   html = requests.get(url)
   return html.text

def parse_content(content):
   e = etree.HTML(content)
   year_list = e.xpath("//tr/td[1]/text()")
   gdp_list = e.xpath("//tr/td[2]/text()")
   percents_list = e.xpath("//tr/td[3]/text()")
   year_list = list(filter(is_correct,year_list))
   year_list = list(map(int,year_list))
   gdp_list = list(map(extract, gdp_list))
   percents_list = list(map(delete_char,percents_list))

def save_data(year_list,gdp_list,percents_list):
   wk = openpyxl.Workbook()
   sheet =
   for i in range(len(year_list)):

def extract(s):
   return int(s[s.find('(')+1:s.rfind(')')].replace(",",""))

def delete_char(s):
   return float(s.replace("%",""))

def is_correct(s):
   s = s.strip()
   if s:
       return s.isdigit()
   return False

if __name__ == '__main__':
   content = get_html("")


When our data is obtained and sorted according to certain rules , Specific steps , You can refer to my previous python Crawler related content

And when the data is available , We can analyze the data according to these data , I'll just show you some key codes , I have uploaded the detailed code to my code cloud warehouse , Friends in need can take their own :

The warehouse address is here



Data analysis code


# Draw America GDP Change chart import xlrdimport matplotlib.pyplot as pltimport numpy as np

#1、 get data

#print(data.sheet_names())   # Read the data in the table excel=data.sheet_by_name('Sheet')

#2、 Charting

   # Set the font 
   # Draw area 
   plt.figure(figsize=(16,9))plt.title(" The United States gdp Change chart ")    
   # structure xy Axis 
   plt.xlabel(' year ')
   plt.ylabel('GDP( One trillion )')

#3、 The data fills the chart

# adopt for Loop through the data in each cell and store it accordingly 
year_list=[]for i in range(excel.nrows):    
# Adds data from a cell to the list    
# !!!!!!!! The most important point : Merge data together to form a multidimensional array arr=np.array(list(zip(year_list,gdp_list,percent_list)),dtype=np.float64)

#4、 Exhibition

plt.plot(arr[:,[0]],arr[:,[2]],"--r",label=" Market share ")


Be careful :

If you have the latest version numpy, But you also used the previous online tutorial , Will report a mistake


No problem , take it easy , No impact on operation , Just said it would report a mistake , The method of improvement is also very simple

The old version of the code says np.float To define the data type , After improvement, it's like this


That's all right.


This is also a problem brought about by code updating , A lot of previous code can't be used or error is reported , This question is very unfriendly for beginners , We may have to go through a lot of information , But I don't know , The reasons and answers are shown on the console





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This is my new year's benefit to you



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