Sour! See the Python programmers on the tiktok get the pay slip...

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sour python programmers tiktok pay

Python The tiktok was hot ? As a short video enthusiast , I recently got a brush Python Engineer's payslip :

After the play , I believe everyone is like me ,what,Python It's valuable at this time ? Let's uncover the real market environment today !

Python For the past two years, it has dominated the programming language rankings TOP10, The popularity is obvious to all . In fact, at the level of enterprise recruitment, we can also see from the side , Large and medium-sized enterprises and even state-owned enterprises have begun to use Python Development .

that Python What skills are needed ? Let's take a look at a picture :


△ Photo source: a large factory

MySQL、Hive、Spark、Pandas All are Python Basic content , It can be seen that the recruitment of large factories Python Development is also inseparable from basic skills , Whether the foundation is solid or not also determines the personal salary situation .

Based on this, I have compiled some Python Learning route , Recommend it to me again ! You can get all the information for free today ! And in the process of learning , You can also participate in our live learning !

This 【 Learning content 】, It's only for your exchange and study , Don't make trouble or advertise .

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As a programmer technology community , Has been adhering to “ 100 million technical people ” The mission of , To help Python Xiaobai from 0 Start the system actual combat each application direction , Playing well Python The core competence of each application post !CSDN Launched 【Python Full stack Development Engineer 】, Help you learn systematically Python Course .

What are the characteristics of this course ?

1、 Continuous iteration, content R & D closely following the market

CSDN As a domestic programming technology community , The gathering place of domestic programmers , We have a good understanding of what enterprises need today Python Technical requirements .

This course is a front-line industry lecturer Design the curriculum system according to the enterprise talent portrait and enterprise training needs , Comprehensive content and professional learning path for students , To train the students of the interdisciplinary major Python Develop talent .

  • 1) The course is based on practice Python Programming syntax + 4 Big hit app +10 Enterprise level actual combat projects . adopt 6 The big stage of module design will be all Python The knowledge points are connected together , Form your own Python Framework system . At the same time, the course follows the market demand iteratively , During the learning cycle, the course content of the upgraded version is free of charge !

  • 2) Multi plank technical personnel training , From basic knowledge to employment orientation , Provide multi module content learning .

  • 3) Multi level employment analysis of personnel training :Python The whole development of the stack 、Python Reptiles 、Python Data analysis 、Python Web, Artificial intelligence, etc The direction of employment is all right .

2、 Perfect curriculum learning / Supervision system

The lecturer answers questions one by one 、 Real project exercises 、 Regular testing 、 The head teacher supervises 、 Live Q & A 、 Homework correction , Effective “ learn 、 Practice 、 measuring 、 review 、 A. integrated teaching mode ”,CSDN Guarantee your learning effect .

besides ,CSDN We will also invite some industry bigwigs , Do closed door sharing meetings for students from time to time , Maybe it's just a job search 、 A little bit of experience sharing in daily work , You can take a lot less detours .

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3、 Build your own high-quality personal network

I have to mention it again CSDN The big factory push service : Excellent students can directly push in , Resume goes directly to the desk of the employing department , At the same time, with a number of senior tutors 1 Yes 1 Coaching , Increase your employment rate . 

meanwhile CSDN The alumni circle comes from Baidu 、 tencent 、 headlines 、 Huawei 、 Meituan 、 JD.COM 、 millet 、 Apple, etc “ star ” The company's student exchange circle , Promote mutual communication , Keep learning and improving with excellent people at any time . It also provides every student with the opportunity to enter the high-quality network in the circle to communicate .

4、 Other things you care about problem , There are answers here :

Q1 : What is the learning style ?

A: Online learning : live broadcast + The teaching mode of recording and broadcasting , Of course! , If you can't catch up with the live broadcast , You can watch HD video playback at any time .

Q2: Is the after-sales service perfect ?

A: private VIP Small group service : Lecturer 、 Assistant 、 Headmaster 、 The employment teacher answers questions to one person , Effectively ensure the speed of problem solving , Improve learning efficiency .

Q3: How to arrange the study time of the course ?

A: The course adopts the learning as you go model , During the learning cycle, the course is upgraded for free .

The recording part : It's dry goods , Every week 4-6 Hours 【 Have a material 】, Probably need 1.5-2.5 Times of study time , This is to see the right time frame , The recording and broadcasting is made by the lecturer in advance in the studio , It's open to you after editing , It's not a replay of the previous live broadcast .
Live part : Weekly live broadcast , Once a week 1-2 Time , Two hours at a time , Sort out the key and difficult points and expand them , It's usually at night 8-10 spot , Or weekend afternoons , If you miss it, you can watch the replay and review it again and again .

Q4: Is there any guarantee for enrollment ?

A: In order to protect everyone's learning rights , And our confidence in the course , If 7 I don't feel satisfied in a few days , You can always talk to CSDN Unconditional implementation of the refund process .

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