[free] Python training camp, which is easy to learn, is here. It's time to grab a place!

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free python training camp easy


There's no mammoth prep Camp No N God

Think of him




Hello, Avubati

The teacher who urged you to hand in your homework appeared again

And solemnly inform

The third season of mammoth prep camp is coming !



2021 first flag

From the third season of mammoth prep camp

Let's get started ~

0 Basic introduction Python

Automated data processing

Reptiles grab literature

high level Statistical analysis chart

Improve the efficiency of scientific research in an all-round way !

Good learning and customized prizes

And I heard that

Meeting Python People who , The work won't be too bad ~


-   What is mammoth prep camp ?  -

Official edition

Mammoth prep camp , It is a kind of incentive plan for the cultivation of scientific research talents jointly launched by the national gene bank life big data platform and Shenzhen Huada Institute of life sciences .

During the training camp , Shenzhen Huada Life Science Research Institute is the tutor , Students learn and complete customized courses and assessments , Accumulate personal points , Comprehensively enhance the scientific research ability .

Final , According to the ranking of points , Excellent students can be rewarded at different levels ( Rewards include customized prizes and / Or interview pass through card ).

Real experience version

@ The first season is a wonderful review

@ The second season is a wonderful review

-   Mammoth prep camp 【 Season 3 】  -

The theme :0 Basic introduction Python

Time signing up :2021.2.22~2021.2.25

Training program


Training arrangements


2 month 25 Japan


Start camp


python Basic grammar

Xu Zhicheng

3 month 1 Japan


python Basic applications / Bioinformatics applications

Xu Zhicheng

3 month 2 solstice

3 month 7 Japan

Practical exercises

Xu Zhicheng

3 month 9 Japan


Practical Q & A

Xu Zhicheng

Closed camp


reminder :: In addition to learning custom courses during training , You need to finish your homework / You can get personal points only by checking the clock in !

Mentors this season


Xu Zhicheng

National Gene Bank

Assistant researcher in bioinformatics

In charge of the national gene bank Life big data trusted computing platform CODEPLOT Construction and maintenance , With many years of experience in big project data analysis , Own software copyright 2 term , Participate in publishing international journals 1 piece .

-   How to join the training camp ?  -

Application requirements

Biology 、 Medicine 、 Students majoring in Computer Science ( Undergraduate / Graduate student ) And social workers , Good team spirit and communication skills , Strong sense of responsibility and initiative .

Application process

1. Focus on 『 National gene bank life big data platform 』 official account

2. Click on the menu bar 『 I want to sign up 』, Follow the prompts to complete the information , You have successfully added wechat ( Wechat :xhhx1990) And the reply “Python”, Complete the registration .

* hot tip : Already in CNGBdb The class group and the old students who have added wechat also need to submit the registration information according to the application process , Join the wechat group of training camp , It's a success .

Notice to Applicants

1. Please be sure to provide true and valid personal information during the registration process , If it's not true , All awards will be cancelled later , Including prizes 、 Interview pass through card 、 Employment offer.

2. After completing the registration information, please confirm that you have successfully added the wechat , If not added due to personal reasons , It may affect the follow-up training camp learning .


What are you waiting for ?

Urgent action

Two weeks to finish 2021 first Flag


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