Python adds another big scientific computing library, pyarmadillo release based on armadillo matrix library

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python adds big scientific computing

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at present ,Python There are many scientific computing Libraries , The most famous ones are NumPy and SciPy. But in terms of algebraic operations and the use of Syntax , These libraries tend to be unnecessarily cumbersome , There's no way to intuitively manage the data types . So it will Armadillo As the bottom layer PyArmadillo It's based on this , Reshaping something like Matlab and Octave Simple and easy to use grammar . Besides , because pybind11 Its usage is relatively simple ,PyArmadillo take pybind11 Used to connect C++ And Python. The library has been officially released recently .

As C++ China and Eigen One of the largest scientific computing libraries in the world , Armadillo Because of its simple and easy-to-use features, it is popular among programmers and scientists , And I got it Facebook、NASA、Boeing、Siemens、Deutsche Bank、MIT、 CMU、Stanford And other companies and universities . Besides , Armadillo The lead author and Rcpp The lead authors of RcppArmadillo, As R The main scientific computing library in the language , stay Github Up to... Downloads per month 97.2 Ten thousand times . in addition to ,Armadillo And the famous open source machine learning library mlpack Is used as one of the main dependency Libraries , Got a high profile .

this PyArmadillo The development of the library takes time 2 Months , stay Armadillo The lead author Conrad Sanderson Under the guidance of , from Data61 I'm an intern at Queensland University of technology (QUT) Undergraduate Jason Rumengan And studying at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Undergraduate Terry Yue Zhuo Development complete . among ,Terry suffer Conrad Invite to PyArmadillo China and Jason Jointly develop two types mat And cube, And the only Chinese .Jason Mainly responsible for mat Part and compilation Terry Is responsible for cube Parts as well as documentation and testing .

Project address :

To be specific ,PyArmadillo It's a Python The linear algebra Library of languages , Emphasis on ease of use . The library is designed to provide services similar to Matlab perhaps Octave The advanced grammar and function of , It enables users to express mathematical operations in a familiar and natural way .

PyArmadillo Also available for matrices and cubes (cube) The object of , as well as 200 Multiple correlation functions for processing data stored in objects . All functions can be accessed in a flat structure , And supports integers 、 Floating point and complex number . Through integration LAPACK perhaps Intel MKL、OpenBLAS And other high-performance alternative products , The library can provide various matrix factorizations .

Installation guide

PyArmadillo The specific use of the library is shown in the following figure :

install PyArmadillo The following requirements need to be met :

  • Greater than Python3.6, Recommended as 3.8 And above ;
  • Support at least C++ 11 The standard C++ compiler ;
  • At least 8G RAM;
  • 64-bit Of CPU, best 4 Supranuclear ;
  • Installed before installation OpenBLAS and LAPACK.

Currently supported operating systems :

  • Linux;
  • MacOS;
  • Window x64 (x86 Temporary does not support ).

At present PyArmadillo Only for MVP(minimum viable product), More functions are still being developed . If you encounter problems during use , You can communicate with them through the contact information of the authors on the official website or in GitLab Report to the warehouse of .

Author's brief introduction

Jason Rumengan, Queensland University of Technology Undergraduate in Information Technology . Research interest is in software development 、 Information security 、 network connections 、 Data analysis, etc .

Jason Rumengan Personal home page :

Conrad Sanderson by Armadillo Main authors of , Once received Yoshua Bengio Younger brother Samy Bengio Guide to postdoctoral (PostDoc) Research . stay Samy Bengio Among the few students ,Conrad It's the only one he's ever supervised PostDoc. later ,Conrad Come to the early stage for NICTA Now it's CSIRO Part of Data61 Act as a research scientist and conduct research , And from computer vision research to the development of open source Scientific Computing Library . stay Armadillo After great success ,Conrad Start with Debian and R One of the main developers of and Rcpp The lead author of Dirk Eddelbuettel Cooperation in RcppArmadillo Development of . My main research interest is machine learning 、AI、 pattern recognition 、 Computer vision 、 High performance numerical calculation, etc .

Conrad Sanderson Personal home page :

Chinese authors Terry Yue Zhuo Now University of New South Wales (UNSW) Computer science undergraduates , My main research interest is natural language processing (NLP)、AI And image processing, etc .

Terry Yue Zhuo Personal home page :

Related links :

PyArmadillo Official website :

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GitLab Open source address :

RcppArmadillo Official warehouse :

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