(1) install Python Interpreter

  • Python Official website :https://www.python.org/

    Download the corresponding machine (Windows/Mac) Installation package :

    Baidu online address :

    link :https://pan.baidu.com/s/1oX9W-yTStNovaFeBTHA2Pg

    Extraction code :yhhp

  • Double click download okay Python Installation package :

    PS: If not checked Add Python 3.7 to PATH, need Manually configure environment variables

( If you check Add Python 3.7 to PATH You can ignore the step of manually configuring environment variables )

  • Computer -> attribute -> Advanced system setup

  • environment variable -> System variables ->Path:

  • take python.exe The path and pip The path of the command is configured to Path in :



    Manually configure the environment variables .

  • win + r open cmd Command line , Input python, Verify that the configuration is successful :

(2)PyCharm Editor

PyCharm Related usage and settings :

  • Create the first one Python Program :

    • Open the installed PyCharm, choice Create New Project:

    • Create the project as shown in the figure below :

    • establish py file :

    • function py file (Shift + F10):

  • stay PyCharm Find... In the lower left corner of the center Python Console Click to enter Python Console :

  • Console line feed display :

  • Code auto alignment shortcuts :Ctrl + alt + l

  • PyCharm How to set up “ctrl+ Roller ” Achieve font zoom in and out

    It's set up in two steps :

    1. PyCharm Font magnification settings :

      File --> setting --> Keymap --> Type in the search box increase —> Increase Font Size( double-click ) --> Select in the pop-up dialog box Add Mouse Shortcut --> After the pop-up dialog Hold down ctrl Key while the mouse wheel slides up .

    2. Pycharm Font reduction settings :

      File --> setting --> Keymap --> Type in the search box decrease —> Decrease Font Size( double-click ) --> Select in the pop-up dialog box Add Mouse Shortcut --> After the pop-up dialog Hold down ctrl Key at the same time the mouse wheel down .

      The setup is complete , You can try it yourself !

  • modify pip Source image :

    Follow up, whether it's using Python Do automated tests 、Web Website development 、 Crawler or data visualization analysis will be used pip command Download third-party libraries , because pip The source image is abroad , So we are install Third party libraries often need to add -i http:// The address of the domestic image The connection will not fail because of the download timeout , Here, the default image of the local computer is directly changed to the domestic address , In this way, you don't need to add the image manually every time you download the third-party library , Reference method :


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