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challenge opportunity python data analysis

Here we go again. “ Kim San Yin four ” Job hopping season , A wave of high paid jobs in large factories are opening up one after another , Want to take Offer、 A promotion and pay increase How are you getting ready ?

This year's recruitment efforts can be said to be The biggest in recent years , For example, under the banner of Education , High profile announcement :“ future 4 Months , Education and recruitment 1 ten thousand people !

source : Byte jump recruitment

But have you ever thought about it , With a large number of excellent academic qualifications 、 Experienced people At the same time Into the market , Personal access A large company 、 Good platform It's just going to be Not down, but up .

So I consulted a Byte beating senior HR friend , His view confirms this conclusion again :

“ Like this job season , On average, every position receives Dozens of 、 Hundreds of resume , No matter how many posts there are, I can't carry them . We should pay attention to skills when entering a large factory , Look for those The track of talent scarcity Is king !”

His words remind me of a kind of It's very popular at any time The talent of , Ta People Not only By the big factory “ Plunder ”, The salary level is also higher .

you 're right ,Ta They are Data thinking and Analytical ability Excellent —— 「 Data talent 」.

No matter what Data analysis 、 operating 、 Online retailers 、 product , Or programmers 、 Finance and accounting , It's all in urgent need of 「 Data talent 」 Blessing .

According to the statistics of China Federation of Commerce , stay BAT And so on High paying jobs in ,60% above They are all recruiting data talents .

▲ Tencent official website and “ data ” The demand for related jobs is as high as 4708 individual

The reason why data talents are Both the recruiter and the applicant They're all in the spotlight , There are two fundamental reasons ——

1. There is a huge talent gap : Big data era , Using data analysis to guide business decisions Has become the mainstream . According to the mainstream data media , At present, the number of data analysts in China is only 1 46 ten thousand , future 3-5 year , The talent gap will be as high as 150 ten thousand .

2. The pay level is very high : “ Rare things are precious ” Laws , Still working in the Internet age . In order to grab data analysis talents , A large factory can open at will 25k above Monthly salary .

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▲ The data comes from Lagou .

You bet , Small enough to persuade the boss to get business resources , Big enough to help companies make the right business decisions , Excellent data analysis skills , It's definitely you A necessary tool in the workplace .

But whether it's Xiaobai who just picked up the speed , I've been driving for a long time “ old hand ”, Many people's road to data is There are many problems :
Charts and reports made by staying up late , The leader said “ Analysis means no analysis ”...
Excel、SQL、Python Can do data analysis , I don't know which one to learn …
Only learned theory, but no practical experience , I was confused when I applied for the job

No data capabilities , Career development can be said to be difficult , Not to mention entering big factories 、 I got a high salary .

Big companies not only require data analysts to use all kinds of data comprehensively Data processing 、 Visualization tools , Such as Python、SQL、Tableau etc. , What's more, it requires Powerful data thinking , can Dismantling business development issues 、 Guide business growth .

List of job requirements for data analysis in large factories

With more and more people engaged in data analysis , The backstage also often receives the fan's related message , The problem focuses on “ How to choose industries and companies ” On . Regarding this , My advice is :

1) Students with obvious professional attributes had better choose corresponding industries . such as , Students majoring in Finance had better choose stocks 、 Risk control and analysis positions in Securities and other industries , Jingdong Finance 、 Ant financial services and other companies are worth considering .

2) Students without professional concerns , You can choose the industry you are interested in or good at . At a time of talent shortage , All walks of life have a lot of data analysis related jobs waiting for you to choose .

Of course , Career growth also needs to be steady . On the road to data analysis , I suggest you go through the customs step by step :

however , It must also be reminded that , The shortage of data analysis talents will ease over time , The competition will be more and more fierce in the future . You want to be a high paid data talent , It's not just about getting promoted as soon as possible , We need to find the right way .

In order to help you quickly build data analysis capabilities , As soon as possible Offer、 Have a say in the workplace , Especially recommend one I've got a lot of praise My new lesson —— 「 Data analysis employment class -6 Tianchunzhao special training camp 」 .

This course is made up of Python Preacher Liao Xuefeng , Data analysis experts Yang Guojun ,《 Zero base play Python》 Best selling author Changjiang The three celebrities personally developed and taught . Through this course , You will reap ——

︎  New insights in the data analysis industry , The secret of high salary employment : 10 Ten thousand data takes you to analyze the recruitment market , Salary 、 Position 、 industry ...
︎  The whole process of data analysis , There are no tools or methods : 5 Step 1: complete the data analysis report 、8 Class user operation strategy 、9 It's a data visualization graph 、 Data acquisition and processing method of one million level .
︎ All day high value learning service : 6 God 7 lesson + Data analysis experts live +3 Practical exercises + 6 Tian community service + Teacher in charge of class .

some Classic Dachang noodles test questions , There are also detailed answers in the course , Such as :

Python Specific applications in data analysis ?
How to disassemble XX Business , Get the index system ?
It is found that the number of new users in customer acquisition is reduced , How would you analyze ?

Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared , Especially when the overall employment environment is not very optimistic , You have to be well prepared for yourself ! therefore , It is strongly recommended that you do not hesitate !

(PS: Sign up today , Still can Free collection value 99 yuan 「Python Data analysis manual 」~)

  Data analysis employment class -6 Tianchunzhao special training camp  
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This course design , From systematization 、 Normalization 、 Starting from three aspects of actual combat , Let you quickly learn the mainstream data analysis tools of Internet companies , master The logic and thinking of the whole process of data analysis , Quickly accumulate practical experience in data analysis .

Pilot course :Python Take you into data analysis
The world's heroes come from our generation  | print() Functions and data containers
The American team's insight plan  | data type 、 Data conversion 、 Data merging
X The choice of the war police team  | if Introduction to conditional sentences

Practice class : Start the whole process of data analysis quickly
Data analysis tool selection  | Python、Java、C++…
Data analysis skills  | Python+Excel+SQL+…
Advanced business analysis  |  Tiktok 、 Kwai do business data comparative analysis
Python Data crawler operation  |  Take crawling papers as an example

Live class : Data bull explains the professional advantages of digital talents in detail
Why our basic necessities of life , Data analysis is indispensable ?
How to quickly master data analysis ? Seamless employment ?
In depth analysis of data analysis industry , Is there a threshold for entry ?
10 Ten thousand data analysis recruitment market : Salary 、 Position 、 How fragrant the industry is ?

Advanced course : A complete guide to data visualization
9 A kind of data visualization common chart and its significance
Tableau Fast visualization of sales data
Python Draw many types of visual charts
Text data analysis and word cloud image generation

Employment course :4 Recruit high paid data posts in large factories
Data analysis steps and skills required in each link
Data analysis report writing methodology
The interview ability of big factory is broken down  |  Create user profiles 、 Evaluate operational activities
Develop the necessary algorithm ability  | RFM The model evaluates the user operation strategy

Complimentary gift :Python The way to build the operating environment once and for all

Lessons learned

  Mastery Python Dealing with massive data Methods 、 Say goodbye to baldness and work overtime The super power of ;
  Can from Data point of view guides business direction , Provide strategic analysis , Upgrade the company GMV;
  master Application of data analysis in real business scenarios , All the way to career advancement !
︎  writing High quality data analysis report , Draw a visual chart , Step into the door of salary increase !

Hard core experts work hard to build

The course is taught by senior big data expert Liao Xuefeng , Combined with the data analysis ability requirements of major factories , It's a practical dry product for the students who want to be promoted or promoted .

Strong background , It must be your choice

As a unicorn enterprise of China's new vocational online education , We have a lot of teachers , Students are all over BAT Big factory , Before and after class, the salary level has increased significantly .

Let's have a class at present , Already been o in 、 tencent 、 Headlines, etc 1000 Many enterprises Provide internal training for employees , The industry has won numerous awards .
12 month 8 Japan , Hosted by CCTV 2020 Annual CCTV Education Festival , Let's start the class 2020 Annual reputation influence vocational education brand . Want to advance in the workplace , First of all, I need to polish my eyes , Choose the most reliable company in the industry , Absolutely not .

What kind of person is suitable for learning

First , If you are I'm not clear about my career development plan 、 There is confusion , Want to take Offer、 Enter the large factory Of the students , Don't hesitate. , This course suits you very well !

secondly , This course is also suitable for 0 Xiaobai, who wants to do data analysis , or 0-3 The new data man of 20 years old comes to learn .

Last , In the digital age, there must be more interdisciplinary talents , Especially in the Internet industry .

therefore , If you are operating 、 product 、 Finance and accounting And so on , Mastering data thinking and analysis methods must be your direction for products 、 To be the core tool for business growth , Let you have more say in your future work .

Last , Let's emphasize the limited time benefits for fans :
Sign up today , Still can Free collection value 99 yuan 「Python Data analysis manual 」 . Want to improve yourself 、 Impact on high salary partners, seize the time , Scan the code and get it ! First come first served basis ~

  Data analysis employment class -6 Tianchunzhao special training camp  
The original price  199  element
Our official account front  100  Famous fans
Exclusive price is just   0.99  element   Sell out
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take Offer/ A promotion and pay increase / Job hopping is a must

Q: How to sign up for a course and start learning ?
A: After scanning the code and paying , You can add a teaching assistant , Begin to learn . The TA will stay 48 Apply within hours , Please wait patiently .

I hope everyone can learn something . Join the learning , Follow Daniel Get Big data analyst hard core skills , Especially the recent job and impact of large factory high salary students , You can't miss it ~

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