Use pycharm download pymysql library , Enter the command at the terminal :

pip install mysql

Use pycharm You need to add some data to the database before the write login operation , Such as user name and password

create database pydb;
use pydb;
create table if not exists user(
u_id int primary key auto_increment,
u_name varchar(10),
u_password varchar(40)
)default charset=utf8;

Insert another data into the database

INSERT INTO user(u_name,u_password)VALUES('zhangsan',123456);

Import after download pymysql library

pymysql Common functions of

db = pymysql.connect( parameter list )


# Close the connection

# Commit to database execution
# Roll back : Because of some mistakes , Leading to unsuccessful execution , You can use this statement , Roll back to the state before the error
cursor = db.cursor()
# Returns the cursor object , Specific implementation sql The command requires a cursor object

# Simulate user login 
# Ideas : First, get the user name and password that the user entered , Connect to database , Get query results , Compare the results with the user's input data
import pymysql
u_name=input(' enter one user name :')
u_password=input(' Input password :')
# Get cursor object
sql='''SELECT * FROM user'''
# Get the result of the query
for i in results:
if(name==u_name and pwd==u_password):
print(' Landing successful :'+u_name)
elif(name==u_name and pwd!=u_password):
print(' Wrong password ')
else:print(' The username does not exist ')
except Exception as e:

Test login successful

use python Connect to database to simulate user login

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