N-line Python code series: two lines of code to achieve video files into a series of pictures output

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n-line line python code series

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One 、 introduction

I've seen several similar articles recently “n That's ok Python Code …” 's blog post , It looks pretty good , concise 、 practical , Spread knowledge 、 It brings the amount of reading , It stirred the heart of the old ape , Decided to follow suit , Push one “n That's ok Python Code series ” article .

For the wonderful pictures in the video , Sometimes you want to save the screenshots , It can be realized through screen capture software , But sometimes it is necessary to output the pictures in the video into picture files at regular intervals .

This paper introduces two lines of code to achieve the video output screen to a file at a specified interval . more “n That's ok Python Code series ” Please refer to the free column 《n That's ok Python Code series 》.

Two 、 Output video images at equal intervals

To do video editing , The old ape used Moviepy. The following code uses the video 《 Fan Notepad 》, Let's 10 Second output a video picture . The code implementation is as follows :

from moviepy.editor import *
clip = VideoFileClip(r"F:\video\fansNote1M_crop.mp4")

The above three lines of code are implemented first Moviepy Module loading 、 Then read in the video file 、 Output the screenshot to the specified series of files . The above three lines of code can also be reduced to the following two lines :

from moviepy.editor import *

Let's see the results :

The video is only 1 minute , You can see the output 7 File , front 3 The content of the output image file is as follows :

3、 ... and 、 Background knowledge

3.1、moviepy brief introduction

To achieve video editing , The old ape used it moviepy library .

MoviePy It's a video editor Python modular , Can be used for basic video operations ( Like cutting 、 Connect 、 Title insertion )、 Video synthesis ( Also known as nonlinear editing )、 Video processing or creating advanced effects .

It can read and write the most common video formats , Include GIF.MoviePy The video that can be processed is ffmpeg Format , The old ape understands that the supported file types include at least :*.mp4 *.wmv *.rm *.avi *.flv *.webm *.wav *rmvb.

MoviePy Very simple installation , Use pip When installing , Please point the site to the domestic mirror site , Otherwise, the download will be slow or unable to download , The old ape uses the mirror image of Tsinghua University , Instruction is :

pip install -i https://pypi.tuna.tsinghua.edu.cn/simple moviepy

3.3、 Correlation function

The related functions involved in the above code include VideoFileClip、write_images_sequence,VideoFileClip stay 《n That's ok Python Code series https://blog.csdn.net/laoyuanpython/category_10858655.html》 It has been introduced in the previous blog posts of the column , I will not repeat it here .

write_images_sequence function

write_images_sequence The function is used to t The frame at the specified time and position is saved to the specified image file . The call syntax is as follows :
write_images_sequence(self, nameformat, fps=None, verbose=True,withmask=True, logger='bar')

  • nameformat: Output format and file name rules , Specifies the number format of the serial number of the file and the file name of the image type extension , For example, the name of the file “frame%03d.png” Indicates that the file name starts with “frame”, Back “%03d” Indicates the sequence number of the file with 3 Number them in order of numbers , File name suffix “png” Indicates that the encoding format is PNG. The file name format can also take path mode , Such as “ Directory name \f%04d.jpeg” etc. . But the directory name must already exist , In addition, if the number of output files is more than the set serial number range , It will automatically add up 1 Expand , Until all the output is complete
  • fps: Output frames per second , If it is not specified, press the fps For the output , It can be a decimal
  • withmask: If withmask by True, The mask of the corresponding frame will be written into the image alpha Channel layer , Only on PNG Image valid
  • verbose: Whether to output processing information
  • logger: String type ,"bar" Means progress bar 、None Indicates no setting 、 Or the name of any program logger

Four 、 Summary

This paper introduces the use of Python+Moviepy Two lines of code to achieve the video output into a series of pictures to multiple files , And introduced moviepy The function and installation of, as well as the key functions and syntax of related processing .

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More about moviepy Please refer to Python Audio and video clip Library MoviePy1.0.3 Chinese course guide and executable tool download 》 A guided tour of .

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