Python factorial calculation

DaLongggggg 2021-04-08 09:24:28
python factorial calculation

Problem description

Enter a positive integer n, Output n! Value . among n!=123n.

Algorithm description

n! It could be very big , The range of integers that a computer can represent is limited , We need to use the method of high precision calculation . Use an array A To represent a large integer a,A[0] Express a A bit of ,A[1] Express a Top ten , By analogy . take a Multiply by an integer k Change to array A Every element of the matrix is multiplied by k, Please pay attention to the corresponding carry . First of all, will a Set to 1, Then take 2, ride 3, When you get to n when , taken n! Value .

Input format

The input contains a positive integer n,n<=1000.

Output format

Output n! The exact value of .

The sample input


Sample output

3628800 Particular attention n First of all, recursion can only solve 1 Factorials up to a few hundred

n = int(input())a = b =1while a <= n: b = b * a a += 1print(b)

Cycle fatigue


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