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At the end of the first phase of the learning journey , We have started the second phase of the article output , I hope you guys are here 2020 year Continue to work hard , Let's move forward together ! stay  Python My God On the way appreciate More beautiful scenery , Harvest more dry goods . The article starts from Basics know From the introduction of knowledge to knowledge Recognize the point Detailed practical application , There are corresponding examples and Code , Big home You can refer to the corresponding code of the article , The code address is as follows


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In addition, we also add LeetCode Interview series , You can learn basic knowledge at the same time , While understanding the interview and algorithm knowledge , In this way, we can learn systematically in the later stage Python The use of this device will have a multiplier effect . The article list is as follows :

The first 0-10 Tianjiwen Chapter Catalog :

from 0 Study Python 0 - 100 Summary of the grand collection

The first 100-120 Days basic article catalog :

The first 101 God :Python asyncio

The first 102 God :Python Asynchronous aiohttp

The first 103 God :Python operation Excel

The first 104 God :Python analysis XML

The first 105 God :Python operation Word

The first 106 God : Overview of machine learning

The first 107 God :Python analysis PDF

The first 108 God :Python operation CSV

The first 109 God :NumPy matrix

The first 110 God :Numpy The difference between array and matrix in

The first 111 God :Python Garbage collection mechanism

The first 112 God : Monte Carlo of machine learning algorithm

The first 113 God :Python XGBoost Algorithm project actual combat

The first 114 God : Three board model algorithm project actual combat

The first 115 God :Python Is it value passing or reference passing

The first 116 God : Naive Bayesian theory of machine learning algorithms

The first 117 God : Machine learning algorithms K a near neighbor

The first 118 God :Python Compare with the copy of the object

The first 119 God :Python Crawling for Douban movie top 250

The first 120 God : Machine learning algorithms K Mean clustering

LeetCode Interview series :

The first 1 God :Leetcode 89 - Gray code

The first 2 God :No.136 - Only once

The first 3 God :No.67 - Sum of binary numbers

The first 4 God :No.202 - Happy number

The first 5 God :No.204 - Statistical prime numbers

The first 6 God :No.9 - Palindrome number

The first 7 God :No.13 - Roman numeral to integer

The first 8 God :No.58 - Length of last word

The first 9 God :No.345 - Reverse vowels in a string

The first 10 God :No.976 - The maximum circumference of a triangle

The first 11 God :No.645 - The wrong set

The first 12 God :No.977 - The square of an ordered array