1. summary

Python There are more and more advertising articles , Since it's advertising, it's exaggerating and unrealistic yy, Let's start with someone who has been interviewing recently Python Rookie to share the bottom of the practitioners Python Industry status .

1.1. A college Python Industry status

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1.2. Some blogger's Python Industry status

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1.3. On a certain platform “Python Time ”

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1.4. Programming language leaderboards

Well known software industry analysis company RedMonk Released 2020 Programming language rankings in the first quarter of 2007 .
RedMonk Programming language ranking by tracking programming languages in GitHub and Stack Overflow Code usage and number of discussions on , After statistical analysis, the order is made , It aims to gain a deeper understanding of potential language adoption trends . The list is released twice a year , This is the first list this year , The next list will be 6 month , The third quarter programming language rankings .
at present RedMonk There is no change in the basic idea of programming language sorting algorithm , But the process has changed . Now use GitHub Archive As a data source for GitHub Data analysis ; and Stack Overflow Some of them directly use the utility provided data explorer, See official introduction for specific sorting algorithm .
Let's take a look at RedMonk 2020 year Q1 Top of the quarterly programming language rankings 20 name :
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Python The momentum is good , The ranking is one place higher than before , Even in the top two , And Java racing together bridle to bridle . This is the 2012 From the year onwards , For the first time in history, there's a non... In the top two of the list JavaScript or Java entry . before ,Python Fourth place for four years in a row , Finally jumped to third three years ago , And always , Until now, one more .Python Can we continue to maintain this unprecedented ranking ? Or is it just a temporary phenomenon ? It also depends on the next development .

List details : https://redmonk.com/sogrady/2020/02/28/language-rankings-1-20/

2. Interview experience

company City written examination interview HR interview Whether or not to get offer BOSS Salary
Some cloud Beijing - 12-12K·14 pay
Sb. Shanghai - 20-40K
Some floating Shanghai - 20-40K
Some Zhuo Beijing - 15-30K
A letter Beijing 15-25K·14 pay
Some win Beijing - 15-24K
A loan Shanghai - 20-35K·14 pay
Some cloud Beijing - 26-50K·15 pay

Most of the interviews received were in 15-25K, It can be roughly divided into the following categories :

  1. Outsourcing companies Salary 12-20K
  2. Education company lecturer or design courseware Salary 15-25K
  3. Most financial companies are in Shanghai , The treatment is also relatively high Salary 20-40K
  4. Male 、 Private cloud development (OpenStack Development ) Salary 20-35K
  5. Educational background , Algorithm , Opportunities related to data mining Very few

2.1. High salary analysis

  • The salary of outsourcing company is 20K following , It's not a high salary in the first tier cities ;
  • For those who have no hope of entering a big factory ,25K Most of these jobs come from small start-ups , It means more time , If you are short of money and want to learn from practice, you can consider ;
  • The salary of education companies is also relatively high , First hand learning materials , Look at career planning ;
  • Financial companies prefer data analysis 、 data mining 、 Reptiles , It has a high demand for algorithm , There is also a development direction in the future , And financial companies have money ;
  • OpenStack Development , It's used by most companies in both public and private cloud , It has a high demand for comprehensive computer technology ;
  • Continuous learning ....

2.2. Learning recommendations

2.2.1. Cattle from

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