python In the standard library logging Modules are often used when logging , But in the actual use, we found that its own class for local log rollback

logging.handlers.RotatingFileHandler In a multi process environment, different processes write to different files , The reason is at present

When the log file is full and rolled back, the concurrency problem is not handled properly ( Or it can be said that basically no treatment ), So I implemented a class with similar functions ,

Originally intended to use multi process lock , I found it useless after I finished writing it ..., So there's a new one .lock Files act as locks to handle multiple processes . With documents

Modify the time to control that only one process can access .

The code is as follows :

import os
import sys
import json
import time
import logging
import traceback
import logging.handlers
from multiprocessing import Lock class SpiderRotatingFileHandler(logging.handlers.RotatingFileHandler):
File rollback log processor
characteristic :
1. Use the modification time of backup file to judge Fixed the problem that multiple log files were written simultaneously in multiple processes bug
2. optional Use json Format log file '''
def __init__(self, filename, mode='a', maxBytes=0,
backupCount=0, encoding=None, delay=0, is_json=False):
filename, mode, maxBytes, backupCount, encoding, delay)
# Format processor
self.Formatter = logging.Formatter()
# Process lock
self.my_lock = Lock() self.is_json = is_json
if self.is_json:
self.format = self.json_format def json_format(self, record):
json Format log
@record: Logging object
type: logging.LogRecord
# increase asctime attribute
record.asctime = self.Formatter.formatTime(record)
message = record.getMessage()
log_data = {}
# Check if it is json Format And it's in dictionary form
log_data = json.loads(message)
if not isinstance(log_data, dict):
log_data = {}
except Exception as e:
exc_info = traceback.format_exc()
#sys.stderr.write(exc_info) # Get the basic information of the log
log_record_basic_fields = [
"levelname", "filename", "lineno",
"name", "created", "asctime",
] if not log_data:
"_message": message,
}) for attr in log_record_basic_fields:
value = getattr(record, attr, "")
"_{}".format(attr): value,
result = json.dumps(log_data, ensure_ascii=False)
result = json.dumps(log_data)
return result def doRollover(self):
Do a rollover, as described in __init__().
with self.my_lock:
if = None
lock_file = "%s.lock"%self.baseFilename
max_modify_interval = 3 # seconds
do_flag = 0 # utilize Lock The modification time of files ensures that multiple files will not be written at the same time
if not os.path.exists(lock_file):
with open(lock_file, "w"):
do_flag = 1
elif time.time() - os.stat(lock_file).st_mtime > max_modify_interval:
do_flag = 1
if do_flag:
for i in range(self.backupCount - 1, 0, -1):
sfn = "%s.%d" % (self.baseFilename, i)
dfn = "%s.%d" % (self.baseFilename, i + 1)
if os.path.exists(sfn):
# Delete the largest backup file
if os.path.exists(dfn):
os.rename(sfn, dfn) dfn = self.baseFilename + ".1"
if os.path.exists(dfn):
os.remove(dfn) if os.path.exists(self.baseFilename):
os.rename(self.baseFilename, dfn)
# Refresh Lock File modification time
with open(lock_file, "w"):
pass if not self.delay: = self._open()

After testing, we found that , Log files are no longer messy to write ( But I always feel 3 There seems to be something wrong with seconds , In case of 3 Seconds full of days

Log files may cause the log file size to exceed the limit .)

json Format log output is an additional function

ok, Welcome to find fault

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