# coding:utf-8
import urllib2
import re
import urllib
import chardet
from json import * category = ' Classic old songs '
url = 'http://music.baidu.com/tag/' + category
url_songs = 'http://play.baidu.com/data/music/songlink'
request = urllib2.Request(url)
response = urllib2.urlopen(request)
content = response.read()
patt_str = '<li data-songitem = \'{&quot;songItem&quot;:{&quot;sid&quot;:(.*?),.*?</li>'
pattern = re.compile(patt_str,re.S)
songIds = re.findall(pattern,content)
#for songId in songIds:
#print songIds
formdata = {"songIds":",".join(songIds)}
#print formdata
data_encoded = urllib.urlencode(formdata)
songList = urllib2.urlopen(url_songs,data_encoded)
songListJson = songList.read()
#print songListJson
song_dict = JSONDecoder().decode(songListJson)
#print song_dict
song_data_dict = song_dict.get('data').get('songList')
for sond_data in song_data_dict:
song_name = sond_data.get('songName')
song_artistName = sond_data.get('artistName')
song_format = sond_data.get('format')
song_link = sond_data.get('songLink')
#print song_name+'--'+song_artistName+'.'+song_format+u' The download link is :'+song_link
music = urllib.urlopen(song_link).read()
open(song_name+'.mp3','w').write(music) except urllib2.URLError,e:
if hasattr(e,"code"):
print e.code
if hasattr(e,"reason"):
print e.reason

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