One . Before reuse, a package SSH Mirror image , If there is no encapsulation SSH, You can use your own image or refer to my previous blog : Challenge OpenStack: use Docker Realize private cloud   The first five steps

And then there's the subject .

Two . Deployment process

1. Look at the mirror image

ubuntu sshd f61f7079461c hours ago 666.3 MB

2. stay /home It's set up docker Catalog , Download a django-1.7 The source package ,touch dockerfile and, among It's used to carry out Django Of bash Script ,Dockerfile It's automatic build python

The file of , The core of this article is also Dockerfile.

root@iZ2893wjzgyZ:/home/docker# ls
Django-1.7..tar.gz Dockerfile

3. To write Dockerfile

FROM ubuntu:sshd
MAINTAINER Alex RUN apt-get update
RUN apt-get install -y -q python-pip
RUN pip install setuptools
ADD Django-1.7..tar.gz /opt/ WORKDIR /opt/
RUN mv Django-1.7. django WORKDIR /opt/django
RUN python install WORKDIR /opt
RUN startproject mysite ADD /opt/mysite/
WORKDIR /opt/mysite
RUN chmod
CMD ["/bin/sh",""]

4. To write

python runserver

3、 ... and . Begin to build

root@iZ2893wjzgyZ:/home/docker# sudo docker build -t ubuntu:web .

After building , You can see that a new image is generated :

And one exposed 8080 New container for ports :

Four . At this point, the background starts the image , And put 8080 Port mapping out :

root@iZ2893wjzgyZ:/home/docker# docker run -d -p : ubuntu:web

netstat Check the host's 8080 port

5、 ... and . Use and commissioning

Complete the above four steps , This package is ready to use django Mirror image , Next, take a look at the login screen

If you need to check log journal , You can use the following command ,-f On behalf of continuous printing :

#docker logs -f container_id 

If you need to go into the container to modify web Content , Can pass ssh Connect into , A similar explanation has been given before , I won't go into details here .

6、 ... and . Export the mirror

root@iZ2893wjzgyZ:/home/docker# docker save -o ubuntu14.04_djangodemo.tar.gz ubuntu:web

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