Python core developer: the retirement of the father of Python has no impact

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python core developer retirement father

author :OSC- Wang Lian

come from : Open source in China (oschina2013)

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distance Python founder Guido van Rossum Declaration of secession Python The decision-makers quit BDFL It's been more than a month ,Python What's going on inside ? It was held last weekend PyBay 2018 At the conference ,Python Core development team members 、 Consultant and speaker Raymond Hettinger Receiving foreign media The Register In an interview ,Python My father's retirement doesn't really change anything .

Guido My retirement is not right for Python It's a process of change .Guido Left us with a “ autonomous ” The challenge of , And on the point of autonomy , There is nothing controversial and difficult to solve at the moment .

Another technical instructor Simeon Franklin Also said , Today, Python By 30-40 People are managing together —— “Nothing is really changing that much”.

according to Hettinger Described , at present Python Code check in and bug The speed of repair and Guido It's basically the same before you leave .Guido His role in history is also the one who makes decisions on the direction of language development , Not the people who manage the process .

Hettiner added , The core development team is about to explode , Because there is no Guido van Rossum As the arbiter , The team needs to take on more responsibility . in the past , They can have relatively crazy ideas , Because they know that if something goes beyond the bottom line , An adult in the room will say ,“ No , We can't do that ”. But now , They need to make their own decisions .


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