Here comes the contrast! Can Julia beat Python and R to win?

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comes contrast julia beat python

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original text :Julia vs R vs Python: simple optimization

author :ZJ, Data scientist , Full stack engineer , Head of the credit risk model team .

compile : Open source in China (oschina2013)

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In this article , The author optimizes by a simple likelihood function (Maximum Likelihood Optimization) Let's make a comparison Julia,R and Python. This is a relatively small optimization problem , The performance difference may not be obvious , But the process of solving problems can well reflect the advantages and disadvantages of the three .

At the time of writing this article , The familiarity with these three languages is as follows :

Julia evangelist ChrisRackauckas Once said :

If you use Julia Deal with one 10 The question of seconds , Its advantages don't show up . And once the problem gets complicated , It takes a long time , At this time Julia The advantages of the company will gradually manifest itself .

Someone uses it Python and Julia Did a comparative experiment . With 10⁵ Calculate for the boundary point , When the value ratio 10⁵ Less time Python Than Julia fast . But the value is greater than 10⁵ after ,Julia It's faster than Python Much faster .

optimization problem

Watch the sequence Q1,Q2,…,Qn, We need to find the parameters that optimize the likelihood function μ and σ:

Usually we try to optimize log likelihood :

Statistically , This is the maximum likelihood estimation of the truncated normal distribution (MLE).

Julia The test situation of

Here's how the author uses Julia The situation of testing . Use Julia Medium Optim.jl, You can use special symbols directly (symbols) As variable name , According to the usage habit , Here the author uses the Greek alphabet μσ.Julia One more JuMP.jl Packages are used to optimize problems . but JuMP.jl More suitable for more advanced optimization problems , It's a bit of a fuss to use here .

Julia First optimization

Julia In performing the first optimization, we used 7 second , Than R and Python All slow . Regarding this ,ChrisRackauckas Pointed out that :

If you need to solve 100 individual 10 Second optimization problem , The first execution costs 17 second , The next optimization doesn't require compilation , It's about 10 second . therefore , The total running time is 1007 second . therefore , When used Julia Deal with one 10⁵ The second question is , this 7 Seconds can be ignored ; But if use Julia Handle 5 Seconds or less , this 7 The difference in seconds is particularly obvious .

The author hardcoded below in MLE Used in the estimate Q_t Value :

The output effect is as follows , The layout looks very comfortable , It also supports math public display :

From that ** Julia The advantages of :**

Julia Deficiency :**

R The test situation of

R There is one truncnorm Used to deal with truncated normality

The result will output :

R The advantages of :

R Deficiency :

Python The test situation of

The author makes use of the existing Python Learn from experience and come up with the following plan , Enter the code :

Output results :

Python The advantages of :

Python Deficiency :

in summary , A comprehensive comparison of the three languages is as follows :


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