Python tarfile module

python tarfile module

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The modules supporting archive compression and decompression are as follows :

  • Python File directory advanced operation -shutil modular , In addition to the documentation / Copy directory 、 Move 、 Delete operation , It also supports archiving of files 、 Compression and decompression methods .

  • zipfile modular , Provide ZipFile Classes and corresponding methods , establish ZiP file

In this issue , We will continue to learn how to compress and decompress files and directories -tarfile Learning and using module related methods

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1. tarfile Module common methods

tarfile The module also supports compression and decompression , When compressing , If you compress a folder , The content will also be compressed

meanwhile tarfile It also provides reading and writing functions , The common methods are as follows :

Method effect
tarfile.TarFile An operation is provided tar Archive interface
tarfile.TarInfo One TarInfo The object represents TarFile A member of,mode) Create and return one TarFile object
tarfile.is_tarfile(name) Determine if the document is Tarfile, Yes, go back to True
tarfile.ENCODING Default character encoding ,Windows Up for "utf-8"
tarfile.USTAR_FORMAT POSIX.1-1922(ustar) Format
tarfile.GUN_FORMAT GUN tar Format
tarfile.PAX_FORMAT POSIX.1-2001(pax) Format

Important note :

  •,mode): Create open Tarfile object

    (1) establish Tarfile object filename Postposition and mode Value correspondence

    (2)mode The default is "r", read only mode

    (3) File format and mode The comparison table is as follows :

     Format and mode Comparison table

  • tarfile.TarFile: An operation is provided tar Archive interface

    (1)TarFile Instance objects can be used with the above Manager

    (2)Tarfile When an exception occurs to an object, the compressed file opened for writing will not be terminated . It will only shut down

    (3)Tarfile Class provides methods to manipulate compressed files, such as add(),close(),getnames() Other methods

    Method effect
    add(name) Add the file to the compressed file
    addfile(tarinfo) take tarinfo Add to compressed file
    getmeber(name) Get the name of the compressed file name The object of
    getmebers() Get all the file objects in the compressed file
    getnames() Get the file name list in the compressed file
    list() Print the contents of the compressed file to the system
    next() Returns the next file object of the compressed document
    extract(nanem,path) Unzip a single file
    extractall(path) Unzip all files
    close() Close compressed file
  • tarfile.TarInfo: One TarInfo The object represents TarFile A member of

    (1)TarInfo Object passing Tarfile Of getmember()、getmembers() and gettarinfo() Method to get

    (2)TarInfo Save all properties of the file ( Such as : file type 、 file size 、 Modification time 、 jurisdiction ), It also provides a method to judge its file type .

    Method / Property name effect
    name Compressed file member name
    linkname Compressed file member name
    gname Group name
    size file size
    mode File permissions
    isfile() Judge TarInfo Whether the object is an ordinary file
    isdir() Judge TarInfo Whether the object is a directory
    ischr() Judge TarInfo Whether the object is a byte device
    isfifo() Judge TarInfo Whether the object is a FIFO The Conduit

2. tarfile Module compression and decompression operation

Compressed file directory structure

│ test1.txt
│ New10_test.txt
│ old6_test
│ test.txt
 Copy code 

Compression implementation steps :

  1. Create a compressed file :tp =, mode)

  2. Add content :tp.add(file_name, arcname)

  3. Close file :tp.close()

import tarfile
tf ="test.tar.gz","w:gz")
 Copy code 

 Compressed file running results

3. tarfile Module decompression operation

decompression :

  1. establish tarfile example , open tar file :tp =, 'r')

  2. Decompress the file :

    (1) Extract the specified single file :tp.extract(file_name, path)
    (2) decompression tar All files in :tp.extractall(path)

  3. Close file :tp.close()

tf ="test.tar.gz","r:gz")
 Copy code 


In this issue , We are right. Python Provides the ability to compress and decompress files tarfile Module related methods, such as open(),add() etc.

meanwhile , in the light of tarfile The classes and methods provided by the module , Learn and master , Help improve efficiency in our daily work

The above is the content of this issue , Welcome all the big guys to praise and comment , See you next time ~

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