Python game development, pyGame module, python implementation of Xiaole games

Chu_ Yang 2021-09-15 04:28:31
python game development pygame module

Preface :

hello , Long time no see . Vanishing population online updates a wave that will come out every month python Make small game series articles . In this issue, we will make a Xiaole game , Let's start happily ~

Effect display


development tool

Python edition : 3.6.4

Related modules :

pygame modular ;

As well as some Python Built in modules .

Environment building

install Python And add to environment variable ,pip Install the relevant modules required .

Introduction of the principle

The rules of the game :

Players exchange adjacent puzzles with the mouse , If the level after exchange / There are three consecutive identical puzzles in the vertical direction , Then these puzzles disappear , Players score , At the same time, a new puzzle is generated to supplement the missing part , otherwise , The exchange failed , Players don't score .

Players need to score as high as possible within the specified time .

Step by step :

Step1****: initialization

Game initialization , And load the necessary game materials :


Step2****: Define the game sprite class

Collision detection between mouse and puzzle block is needed in the game , So as to operate the puzzle block to move , Therefore, we define a puzzle game wizard class to facilitate the implementation of these functions :


Step3****: Realize the main cycle of the game

Logic is very simple , Is to constantly detect whether a mouse click event occurs , If there is , Then judge whether the position when the mouse clicks is within the position area of a puzzle block , If in , Then select the puzzle block , Otherwise, don't select .

When a second puzzle piece is selected , Then judge whether the two puzzle blocks meet the conditions of puzzle exchange , If meet , Then exchange puzzle pieces , And get a reward , Otherwise, do not swap and deselect the selected state of the two puzzle blocks .

The source code is shown in the figure below :


Step4****: Game ending screen

After the game countdown , Enter the game end interface , The interface displays the user's current score . meanwhile , If the user types R Key to restart the game , type ESC Key to exit the game .

The source code implementation is as follows :


This is the end of the article , Thanks for watching ,Python24 A series of small games , Share the next article 24 A little game

Don't indulge in games , We should combine work with rest

I wish you all a happy study

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