Talk about how JMeter executes Python scripts concurrently

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talk jmeter executes python scripts

1. Preface

Hello everyone , I'm Ango !

Recently, a little friend left me a message in the background , Say you use it Django Wrote a big file to upload Api Interface , Now I want to test the stability of interface concurrency locally , Ask me if I have a good plan

This article takes file upload as an example , Chat  Jmeter Concurrent execution Python The complete flow of the script

2. Python File upload

Large file upload contains 3 A step , Namely :

  • Get file information and number of slices

  • Sectioning , And upload  - API

  • File merge  - API

  • File path parameterization

2-1   Get file information and number of slices

First , Get file size

then , Get the total number of segments using the preset slice size

Last , Get the file name and md5 value

import os
import math
import hashlib
def get_file_md5(self, file_path):
""" retrievable md5 value """
with open(file_path, 'rb') as f:
data =
return hashlib.md5(data).hexdigest()
def get_filename(self, filepath):
""" Get the original name of the file """
# File name with suffix
filename_with_suffix = os.path.basename(filepath)
# file name
filename = filename_with_suffix.split('.')[0]
# Suffix name
suffix = filename_with_suffix.split('.')[-1]
return filename_with_suffix, filename, suffix
def get_chunk_info(self, file_path):
""" Get segmentation information """
# Get the total file size ( byte )
file_total_size = os.path.getsize(file_path)
# Total number of segments
total_chunks_num = math.ceil(file_total_size / self.chunk_size)
# file name ( With suffix )
filename = self.get_filename(file_path)[0]
# Of documents md5 value
file_md5 = self.get_file_md5(file_path)
return file_total_size, total_chunks_num, filename, file_md5
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2-2   Slice and segment upload

Utilize the total number of segments and segment size , Slice the file , Call segmented file upload interface

import requests
def do_chunk_and_upload(self, file_path):
​ """ Segment the document , And upload """
file_total_size, total_chunks_num, filename, file_md5 = self.get_chunk_info(file_path)
# Traverse
for index in range(total_chunks_num):
print(' The first {} File upload '.format(index + 1))
if index + 1 == total_chunks_num:
partSize = file_total_size % chunk_size
partSize = chunk_size
# File offset
offset = index * chunk_size
# Generate fragment id, from 1 Start
chunk_id = index + 1
print(' Start preparing to upload files ')
print(" Fragmentation id:", chunk_id, " File offset :", offset, ", Current slice size :", partSize, )
# Upload files in sections
self.__upload(offset, chunk_id, file_path, file_md5, filename, partSize, total_chunks_num)
def __upload(self, offset, chunk_id, file_path, file_md5, filename, partSize, total):
""" Upload files in batches """
url = 'http://**/file/brust/upload'
params = {'chunk': chunk_id,
'fileMD5': file_md5,
'fileName': filename,
'partSize': partSize,
'total': total
# According to the file path and offset , Read file binary data
current_file = open(file_path, 'rb')
files = {'file':}
resp =, params=params, files=files).text
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2-3   Merge files

Finally, call the merge file interface. , Combine segmented small files into large files

def merge_file(self, filepath):
""" Merge """
url = 'http://**/file/brust/merge'
file_total_size, total_chunks_num, filename, file_md5 = self.get_chunk_info(filepath)
​ payload = json.dumps(
"fileMD5": file_md5,
"chunkTotal": total_chunks_num,
"fileName": filename
headers = {
"Content-Type": "application/json"
resp =, headers=headers, data=payload).text
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2-4   File path parameterization

For concurrent execution , Parameterize file upload path

if __name__ == '__main__':
filepath = sys.argv[1]
# Size of each slice (MB)
chunk_size = 2 * 1024 * 1024
fileApi = FileApi(chunk_size)
# Segment upload
# Merge
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3. Jmeter Concurrent execution

In the use of Jmeter Before creating a concurrent process , We need to write batch scripts

among , When executing a batch script , You need to follow the file path

# cmd.bat
@echo off
set filepath=%1
python C:\Users\xingag\Desktop\rpc_demo\ %*
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then , Create a new one locally CSV file , Write multiple file paths

# Prepare multiple file paths (csv)
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next , You can use Jmeter Create concurrent process

The complete procedure is as follows :

  • Create a test plan , Next, add a thread group

    Here, the number of thread groups can be consistent with the number of files above

  • Under thread group , add to 「  Synchro timer  」

    Synchronization timer 「  The number of simulated user groups  」 It is consistent with the number of parameters above

  • add to CSV Data file settings

    Point to the one prepared above csv Data files , Set file format to UTF-8, The variable name is set to  file_path, Finally, set the thread sharing mode to 「  Current thread group  」

  • Add debug sampler , Convenient debugging

  • add to OS Process sampler

    Select the batch file created above , The command line parameter is set to 「 ${file_path} 」

  • Add view results

4. Last

Run the created above Jmeter Concurrent process , In the result count, you can view the results of concurrent upload files

Of course , We can increase the number of concurrency to simulate real usage scenarios , It just needs to be modified CSV Data sources and Jmeter Parameters can be

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