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machine learning unitary regression model

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Our actual combat case uses the relationship data between beer sales and temperature , Explore the impact of temperature on beer sales . In practice, the factors affecting beer sales are naturally more than temperature , However, this actual combat only considers the variable of temperature .

Regression analysis involves only two variables , Called univariate regression analysis . The main task of univariate regression is to estimate another variable from one of the two related variables , Estimated variables , Dependent variable , May be set as Y; Estimated variables , Nominal variable , Set to X. Regression analysis is to find out a mathematical model Y=f(X), Make from X It is estimated that Y It can be calculated by a function . When Y=f(X) When the form of is a linear equation , be called Univariate linear regression . This equation can be expressed as Y=A+BX, According to the least square method or other methods , Constant terms can be determined from sample data A And regression coefficient B Value .

1. Bring in tool library

Here we need to use numpypandas and matplotlib Three swordsmen and scientific computing package scipy、 Statistical model library statsmodels and seaborn.

# Bring in tool library
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import scipy as sp
from scipy import stats
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
import seaborn as sns
# A library for estimating statistical models
import statsmodels.formula.api as smf
import statsmodels.api as sm

2. Load data and draw joint distribution map

Load data

# Read case data
beer = pd.read_csv("beer.csv")

Case data

Draw a joint distribution map

# Draw a joint distribution map
sns.jointplot(x = "temperature", y = "beer",
data = beer,
color = 'black'

Joint distribution

As you can see from the diagram , The higher the temperature, the higher the sales volume .

3. mathematical modeling

We build a univariate regression model ,Y=A+BX, among X It's the temperature ,Y It's sales ,A and B Is the value to be determined , among A For constant ,B Is the regression coefficient .

If B Not for 0, It can be considered that beer sales are related to the temperature ; If B Is a positive number , The higher the temperature, the higher the beer sales ; If B It's a negative number , The opposite is true .

When A and B After the value is determined , We can predict sales based on the temperature .

OLS Return to

After determining the basic model , We use ols Function modeling ,fit The function is fitted

# Modeling and fitting
lm_model = smf.ols(formula = "beer ~ temperature",
data = beer).fit()
  • ols It is the abbreviation of least square method , Its full name is ordinary least squares
  • "beer ~ temperature" The variables representing the model are temperature, The dependent variable is beer
  • fit Is the fitting process , Autocomplete parameters A and B Estimation

We'll pass it again summery Function print results **(OLS Details of the model **)

# OLS Details of the model

OLS Details of the model

In the above OLS Model details , In the second part Intercept and temperature It's ours A and B

coef Namely A and B Specific value ,std err Is the standard error of the coefficient , This is followed by t value 、0 Hypothetical p Value and 95% confidence interval Lower confidence limit and upper confidence limit .

p The smaller the value. , It can be considered that the coefficient of temperature and 0 There are significant differences between , That is, the relationship between temperature and sales is obvious .

And we see the coefficient B Value 0.7654 It is greater than 0 Of , That is, the higher the temperature , The more beer you sell .

About OLS Description of other information in model details

Dep. Variable: The name of the variable Model/Method: The model is the least square method Date: Modeling date No. Observations: Sample size Df Residuals: Sample size minus the number of parameters involved in the estimation Df Model: Number of dependent variables used Covariance Type: Covariance type , The default is nonrobust R-squared/Adj. R-squared: Determination coefficient and modified determination coefficient F-statistic:/Prob (F-statistic): The results of analysis of variance Log-Likelihood: Maximum log likelihood AIC: Red pool information criterion BIC: Bayesian information criterion

Coefficient of determination

The coefficient of determination here is 0.504, It means the proportion of the difference that can be predicted by the model in the overall difference , How do you understand that ?

If we don't have a regression model , So the average is our best estimate , The degree of variation is expressed by sample variance , namely ( Sample value - Average ) Sum of squares of , Call it total variation If you have a regression model , Then we can infer and predict the result of a specific independent variable through regression model , such ( Sample value - Predictive value ) The sum of squares is the degree of variation that cannot be explained ,( Sample value - Predictive value ) The sum of squares is called the residual sum of squares . Suppose there is a perfect model that can predict all the observation points , The unexplained variation is 0 了 . The coefficient of determination is the variation that can be explained / Total variation , The higher the coefficient of determination , The higher the degree to which the representation can be interpreted , The better the regression model .

4. Use models to predict

After the parameters of the univariate regression model are determined , We can make predictions , Direct use predict Function .

# Estimated value of univariate regression model
beer['predict_beer'] = lm_model.predict()

If you want to predict sales at a certain temperature , It can be like this :

# forecast The temperature 30 Sales volume
''' Output
0 57.573043
dtype: float64

We plot the combination between actual and estimated values ( The former is scattered 、 The latter is straight ).

# Chinese display
plt.rcParams['font.sans-serif'] = ['SimHei']
x = beer.temperature
y1 =
y2 = beer.predict_beer
plt.plot(x, y1, 'o', c='r', label=' Raw data ')
plt.plot(x, y2, label=' Univariate regression model ')

5. Draw a regression curve

Actually ,sns.lmplot You can draw a regression curve .

sns.lmplot(x = "temperature", y = "beer",
data = beer,
scatter_kws = {"color": "black"},
line_kws = {"color": "black"}

Because only one independent variable is involved in the univariate regression model , So it's a relatively simple model case , What we encounter in real life is more multivariable regression models , Let's follow up . Complete data acquisition in this paper : A little praise and after watching , Reply to the background of this official account. :「210903」 that will do .

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