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In this age of information explosion ,Python It has almost become a basic skill in the workplace , I see more and more people taking advantage of Python To work efficiently , In order to better find a job , Will try to learn , But they are often discouraged because they have no foundation .

Python How to get started , Free sharing of learning methods , All you want to know is here _Python

Actually I think Python It's worth learning , Now in Artificial intelligence 、 machine learning 、 Data analysis 、 Web crawler All aspects will be used Python, And compared with other mainstream programming languages , Better readability , So it's very friendly to zero based friends .


Don't talk much , Today I'm going to tell you how novices should get started Python, Help you sort out the three stages of learning , Then you can follow this path to learn , There must be something to gain .

Python How to get started , Free sharing of learning methods , All you want to know is here _Python_02


1、 Basic concept learning stage

Python The foundation is the most important , Don't be unwilling to learn because the process is boring , believe me , Lay a good foundation , After doing the project, you will really have the pleasure of opening up the meridians , Your programming is just beginning .

I don't know. You're right Python How much do you understand at the basic level , Let's list the knowledge you need to know in basic learning , Also let everyone have a reference when learning .

  • A preliminary understanding Python What is it? , What can you do after learning ?

  • Know some basic concepts , For example, what is Variable 、 Algorithm 、 Interpreter , At least learn that you can explain .

  • understand Python What are the basic data types .

  • Lists & Tuples Operation method 、 character string Operation method 、 Basic dictionary Operation method .

Python How to get started , Free sharing of learning methods , All you want to know is here _ Programming _03


If you can master the above , Then the study of basic concepts will come to an end , I suggest you buy some basic books and study systematically , Take notes at the same time , It may be used in later learning , It's best to cooperate with some basic learning videos , Listening to the video will also be more thorough , I also have a lot of basic videos and learning materials , There are more documents , If you need it, you can pay attention to the official account : White and white Python

Python How to get started , Free sharing of learning methods , All you want to know is here _ Programming _04


2、 Basic skill mastery stage

The previous part of learning basic concepts was a little boring , But after this time , At this stage, you can do some logical things , When it comes to practice , Then you need to master more , Common ones are if、elif、while、else、for、continue、break The use of these statements and list derivations , There is also the handling of exception programs ,Python Mastery of conditions , Loop and correlation of execution statements .

Python How to get started , Free sharing of learning methods , All you want to know is here _ Reptiles _05


At this stage, you'd better consult the data and operate at the same time , Only really get started , In order to know which different operation steps apply to different situations , Always believe that practice is the only criterion for testing truth ! If errors and exceptions are encountered during searching and processing , Ask someone in time .


Don't let the whole process be troublesome , Because if you successfully solve these problems , There will be a great sense of achievement , Then you can have the motivation to continue to devote yourself to learning , Form a virtuous circle .

Python How to get started , Free sharing of learning methods , All you want to know is here _ Reptiles _06


3、 Skill upgrading stage

If everyone's basic part is finished , Then you can learn to try some commonly used third-party libraries , such as requests, And website development django,flask And reptiles scrapy, At this time, do not directly look at the data operation , You have to learn to get out of the data , And most of the time, following the document operation is not necessarily correct , When studying the project, you may not encounter the latest tutorials , Today, I also recommend a better learning method to my friends .

Python How to get started , Free sharing of learning methods , All you want to know is here _Python_07

You can do two identical projects at the same time , One is consistent with the old version on the tutorial , For example, the versions of various installed packages, etc . The other directly uses a variety of the latest versions , Synchronous coding on both sides , Because in the actual learning process of programming, there are often some reasons caused by the old version to try many miracles that cannot be solved bug, So try to learn to get away from books .


Actually Python It's not hard to get started , The only need is to keep learning , Usually problems can be solved in time , Learn to select targeted projects and practice , If you feel boring while studying , You can also find like-minded friends to study together , This will be more motivated to learn , Learning will be better

Python How to get started , Free sharing of learning methods , All you want to know is here _Python_08

In fact, no matter what kind of knowledge you learn , Set a goal for yourself , Only with a clear goal can we avoid detours , Let yourself improve step by step in the process of learning , Enjoy the fun of learning in the process .

Follow me and continue to share dry goods for you , Your collection 、 Comment on 、 Like is the biggest support for me !

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