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There have always been many people who want to learn Python My friends asked me , learn Python How to learn ? How to learn about crawlers and data analysis ?web Can the developed learning route teach me ?

Let me tell you a point first , No matter what training class you signed up for , I'm still learning by myself through various channels , You must pay attention to one thing : A complete knowledge system .

I feel confused ? After learning for some time, I still don't enter the stream ? A large part of the reason is that you don't have a complete knowledge system , You don't know your current progress 、 The future direction .

Three days of Dragon Boat Festival , Although I went back to the countryside , But I took the time to do Python Learning routes in all directions , Share today .

One 、Python introduction

Beginners are curious , I've been learning for so long Python, What is the level of entry ?

Everyone has a different understanding of Technology , In my opinion , You can be regarded as an introduction after learning the following things , Why? ? Because these things are Python Basic knowledge necessary for all directions of advanced , You can learn to crawl or web Development and other directions , You have to learn them first .

Because there are many knowledge points together , I divide them into two parts: basic and advanced programming , For every self-taught person , Lay a good foundation according to this system , Your future path will be more stable .

Applicable people : Zero basis / Those who do not have a solid foundation , learn Python It all starts here



Two 、 Reptiles

Reptiles as a hot direction , Whether working part-time or as an auxiliary skill to improve work efficiency , They are all good choices , Yes, of course , There are also some reptile engineers who take this as their main occupation .

So how do reptiles learn to form a system ? Intermediate level reptiles don't need much , Refer to this system to learn , If you can master it 90%, You can confidently say that you have mastered reptiles .

Applicable people : Reptile direction / Data analysis direction / Non programmers get a raise


3、 ... and 、 Data analysis

Everyone knows that data is the most valuable thing in this era , But one premise is , The data you get, you have to understand , All data that can't play its due role is garbage data .

The mission of data analysis is to give full play to the due role of data : Direct and indirect effects .

If you are engaged in big data related work IT people , I suggest you master but don't stop at the following data system , Don't think it will Numpy、Pandas、Matplotlib Just know how to analyze data , The really powerful thing is still behind .

If you use data analysis as an auxiliary skill , Then it's almost the same after learning the following , They can meet most of your needs . Some small partners may still be non computer professionals and engaged in non - IT Class , For example, jobs such as operation , Then I suggest you learn Python introduction + Reptiles + Data analysis is OK , They are enough to improve your work efficiency in the workplace , Don't go to the whole stack 、 Testing and other directions waste time , It won't help you much .

Applicable people : Reptile direction / Data analysis direction / Non programmers get a raise


Four 、web Development ( front / Back end )

web Development is a hot topic in the programmer profession , For now , The talent gap is still large .web Development is divided into front-end 、 Back end 、 The whole stack 3 A direction , At present, the domestic mainstream is still the separation of front and rear ends , The front end mainly considers the user experience , The back end mainly considers the underlying business logic 、 Platform stability and performance , The main thing is to see what part you want to do ? You like to do what users see , Or consider the invisible part of the user .

As for the whole stack , There has been a lot of public opinion , A mixed , My advice is if time and energy allow , There is no mistake in pursuing more comprehensive technology .

Applicable people : front end / Back end / Full stack engineer



5、 ... and 、 automated testing

Automated testing is a trend in the future , Now many enterprises require programmers to have the ability to automate testing , For the field of automated testing ,Python It is the most suitable language at present .

Applicable people : The programmer / Test Engineer


6、 ... and 、 machine learning

Machine learning is the only way to artificial intelligence , It is also much more difficult than the previous one , Dealing with algorithms is commonplace , High pay will also bring high return , The salary is very good . although Python It's really strong in this regard , But to remind you , The threshold in this field is relatively high , Undergraduate students basically have no chance , It is suggested to consider entering this industry after having a master's degree or above .



Above is Python Learning routes in all directions , Master the direction you are interested in 90% after , It's not a problem for you to find a job .

Some careful friends may find , I didn't put the learning route of artificial intelligence . Frankly speaking , Artificial intelligence is much broader than machine learning , It is no longer something that a language can do alone , So there is no recommendation here .

alike , Network security engineer, I didn't put it in , although Python Can also do things about network security , But for a mature network security engineer, even red 、H For customers , You need to be proficient in more than 1 Just the door , Or to say , This is no longer a matter of language tools .

that , I wish you all on your way to study , Success in learning .


Unknowingly, it has been broken 2 Ten thousand powder , Give you something as usual , Dry goods mainly include :

① 2000 Multiple copies Python e-book ( There should be both mainstream and classic books )

② Python Standard library information ( The most complete Chinese version )

③ Project source code ( Forty or fifty interesting and classic training projects and source code )

④ Python Basic introduction 、 Reptiles 、web Development 、 Big data analysis video ( Suitable for Xiaobai to learn )

⑤ Python Learning Roadmap ( Farewell to bad learning )

If you can use it

Of course, I'm learning Python It's going to be difficult , There is no good learning material , How to learn ?
Study Python I don't know how to recommend to join the communication Q Group number :928946953
There are like-minded partners in the group , Help each other , There are good video tutorials and PDF!
And Daniel's answer !

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