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quick start automation python variables

        Here's a quick start Python Qing'an of , Welcome to add blogger friends qing_an_an, There are learning groups , If you don't understand, you can come directly to have a private chat !

        You can see from the title that we are talking about variables , What are variables ? Before learning variables, let's take a look at some knowledge points we must know :

a = 1
b = 2
c = a + b

        Here we implement an addition operation , Use the output statement print Direct output 1+2 The result is also OK , But if we use variables , Then you have to have a variable equal to 1, The other variable is equal to 2 了 , Here you can call it assignment . It means giving a value to a variable .

        So here's a、b、c It's all variables ,1、2 Is the value we give to the variable , Give these two variables a value .c Is that we achieve a+b A medium for , Of course, you can also directly print(a+b). The three are written differently , The result is the same .

        Variables also have their own tempers , Let's see what it doesn't allow :

Valid naming Invalid name
china china-t( Middle dash is not allowed )
chinaHu china hu( No Spaces allowed )
china_hu 1china( The beginning of a number is not allowed )
_china china$( Special characters are not allowed )
CHINA 'china'( String form is not allowed )

        If you don't understand this form , Look at this :

    abc_xyz = 'Hello Python'                # legal .
    HelloWorld = 'Hello Python'           # legal .
    abc = 'Hello Python'                       # legal .
    xyz#abc = 'Hello Python'               # illegal , ... is not allowed in identifiers “#” Number .
    abc1 = 'Hello Python'                   # legal .
    1abc = 'Hello Python'                   # illegal , Identifiers do not allow numbers to begin with .
    w b = 'Hello Python'                     # illegal , There is a space in the middle

        The contents in the above quotation marks are strings , The next chapter will talk about , Just a little understanding here .

Be careful :

1、 Whether it's a variable name or a file name , Try to be brief or descriptive , Make it easy for yourself or others to consult .
         for example :name Than n Good number ,first_name Than f_n good
2、 And don't put Python The keyword or function name of is used as the variable name
         for example : The most obvious is print,class etc.
3、 Try not to use lowercase letters l With capital letters O, Maybe one day I'll get confused , Think of it as numbers 1 or 0
4、 Pay attention to Chinese and English characters , especially   "  ‘’ These two strings .

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