Python after class exercises (junior / October 11, 2021)

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python class exercises junior october

Topic 1

Write a program to solve a classic ancient Chinese puzzle: We count 35 heads and 94 legs among the chickens and rabbits in a farm. How many rabbits and how many chickens do we have? 

analysis : The title is typical ” Chicken and rabbit in the same cage “ problem , Solving the problem depends on the algorithm :

1. As the tip says , use for Circular violence ( Brute force yyds

def tonglong(heads,legs):
for i in range(heads): # Don't forget to range()
if i*4+(35-i)*2==legs:
return i
return None # Wrong judgment
def num(heads=35,legs=94):
print(" Number of Rabbits :"+str(tu))
print(" Number of chickens :"+str(heads-tu))
print(" Data error !")

2. According to the ingenious function solution : Number of Rabbits =( Number of legs - Number of heads *2), Number of chickens = Number of heads - Number of Rabbits

# Only core algorithms
def tonglong(heads,legs):
if tu>=0 and (tu*4+(heads-tu)*2)==legs:
return tu
return None

Running results :


Topic two

Please write a program which prints all permutations of [1,2,3].

Simple method , Use the... In the prompt itertools modular Medium permutation function . The functionality : Arrange and combine the elements in a given list , Returns the list of each permutation .

from itertools import permutations # Import itertools In bag permutation
for i in permutations([1,2,3]):

Running results :

Two layers of for The circular brute force cracking method is not repeated here .

Topic three

Please write a program which accepts a string from console and print the characters that have even indexes.

This question tests our familiarity with lists , Anything can be listed , The problem can be solved by skillfully using the step size :


Running results :

Use for Loops can also be solved , This question shows Python The simplicity and simplicity of the code

Topic four

Please write a program which accepts a string from console and print it in reverse order.

Same as question 3 , Use step size [::-1]:


Running results :

Topic 5

Please write a program which count and print the numbers of each character in a string input by console.

The key to this problem is to connect the letters with the number of occurrences , So a dictionary is a good choice :

for i in c:
dict[i]=dict.get(i,0)+1 #dict.get(i,0) If key i non-existent , Then return to 0, It means that 0 Time
for i,j in dict.items(): # Output specifications

Running results :

This question can also be found one by one , namely a How many , After counting, output , Then look for the next letter , But the time complexity is O(n^2), Obviously not as good as using a dictionary .

Topic 6

Define a class Person and its two child classes: Male and Female. All classes have a method ”getGender“ which can print "Male" for Male class and "Female" for Female class.

This problem requires the use of parent-child knowledge , In limine Forget the Do not understand the mechanism of parent-child classes , After reading the title, I have no clue , After that, check the reference book 、 Ask your classmates , Know how the subclass should inherit the parent class 、 The connection between them . The code is as follows :

class Person(object):
def __init__(self,gender):
def getGender(self):
class Male(Person):
def __init__(self):
super(Person,self).__init__()# Use the initialization method of the parent class to initialize the inherited properties
class Female(Person):
def __init__(self):

Running results :

About Python The knowledge points of the middle class still need to be strengthened and consolidated !!!

Topic 7

With a given list [12,24,35,24,88,120,155,88,120,155], write a program to print this list after removing all duplicate values with original order reserved.

Remove duplicate numbers from the list , You can use data types set Characteristics of :set It's a Unordered non repeating element set

#l=list(input().split(',')) # This comment allows the program to be extended to be inputable

Running results :

If not used set(), It can be used for Loop to achieve de duplication .

Topic 8

With two given lists [1,3,6,78,35,55] and [12,24,35,24,88,120,155], write a program to make a list whose elements are intersection of the above given lists.

Sure enough , This question can also witness Python The simplicity of , Use it directly set The intersection operation of :

l1 = set([1,3,6,78,35,55])
l2 = set([12,24,35,24,88,120,155])
l1 &= l2

Running results :

set It can realize the of data hand over (&)、 and (|)、 Bad (-)、 repair (^

reflection :set Have non repeatability , If there is a pair in each of the two lists 24, After the intersection, only one is left , Is it still in line with the meaning of the title ?

Stupid method : Use for A nested loop .

Topic nine

By using list comprehension, please write a program to print the list after removing the value 24 in [12,24,35,24,88,120,155].

This problem can be used list Of remove() function :

l1 = [12,24,35,24,88,120,155]

Running results :

We found that , Only one... Is deleted from the list 24, We can optimize the code :

l1 = [12,24,35,24,88,120,155]
while 24 in l1: # Join in while loop , Determine whether there are still... In the list 24

Running results :

There are no more left in the list 24 了 .

This question uses for Loops can also solve .( All things can be for Circulation ...)

Topic ten

By using list comprehension, please write a program to print the list after removing the 0th,4th,5th numbers in [12,24,35,70,88,120,155].

This question needs to pay attention to the deletion order , Direct sequential deletion will change the subscript of the elements to be deleted later , This results in the deletion of the wrong element , You can delete... In reverse order .

l1 = [12,24,35,70,88,120,155]
for i,item in enumerate(l1):# Use enumerate() Each local function lists the data and the corresponding subscript
print('***********')# Separate before and after deletion
del l1[5]# Delete in reverse order , Will not destroy the entire set of data structures , It will not cause the deleted data to be disordered
del l1[4]# If necessary, it can be changed to for Loop delete
del l1[0]
for i,item in enumerate(l1):

Running results :

Use... In questions enumerate() Function to enumerate each element and its subscript , Make the element change more obvious .

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