Error debugging is accurate to lines, match case pattern matching... The official version of Python 3.10 is really friendly

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error debugging accurate lines match

Python It is one of the most popular programming languages today , It has been widely used in various fields and applications , From learning the basic knowledge of computer science to performing complex and direct scientific computing tasks , Then to building games , Its shadow is everywhere .Python Even in more advanced fields such as data science and quantum computing .

2020 year 11 month ,Python 3.10  the second alpha edition Release , Expand in type annotation 、zip、 Bit count 、 Dictionary mapping has new improvements . This year, 4 month ,Python  3.10 beta edition Release , The biggest highlight is the introduction of switch-case sentence . after ,Python Several more have been released beta and rc(Release Candidate) edition .

10 month 4 Japan ,Python The official finally released Python 3.10 Official version . In the new version ,Python Added some unique and valuable features , At the same time, some old features have been deleted . Someone summed up 3.10 Three important features of version , Namely :
  • Better error tracking ;

  • match-case structure Pattern matching ;

  • new type Union Operator .

French scholars Thibault Clerice Express ,「 With Python 3.10 Release , Every programmer will love new 『 structure Pattern matching 』 function .」

about Python 3.10 New features , Assistant professor of statistics at the University of Wisconsin Madison 、 bestseller 《Python Machine Learning》 The author of Sebastian Raschka Express ,「 The most exciting of the new features is the improved error message prompt , Small mistakes like missing commas or spelling mistakes , Now it's easy to find .」

Besides , One netizen said ,Python 3.10 Adaptations have been provided Linux and macOS Systematic psycopg2 Binary package , but Windows The system has not been adapted .

Doctoral student in quantum computing, Keio University Sara A. Metwalli The author is right Python 3.10 The new features of , The following six new features and accessories are summarized .

Python 3.10 The latest features

characteristic 1: Better error tracking

As a daily use Python The code that writes the code , I'm sure I've stepped on the pit of grammatical errors . Although mature programmers can master Python skill , Grammatical errors can also be well fixed , But sometimes we want more accurate error messages , To help better locate errors , Save debugging time .

Python3.10 Two new features , Can better handle errors , That is, better error messages and precise line numbers for debugging . Take the following code as an example , The code contains dictionaries and functions , However, this code shows that the dictionary is not closed .

some_dict = {1: "jack", 2: "john", 3: "james" ,
a_results = a_useful_function()

Prior to Python In the version , The error message looks like this :

however , With Python 3.10 The arrival of the , New error messages and line numbering improvements , Can bring better error messages to coders , For example, the exact type of error and its exact line number can be tracked .

Python 3.10 New features on error tracking will help speed up debugging , And reduce beginner frustration .

characteristic 2: Introduction structure Pattern matching

If you have used C++ And other programming languages , Maybe you'll look forward to Python Yes switch sentence , So you don't have to go through a long if、 elif、 elif…. else Statement to complete the task .Python 3.10 A new feature of is the addition of structure Pattern matching , Or to put it another way , Added match case sentence , Its syntax is as follows :

match subject: 
 case <patt1>:
 case <patt2>:
 case <patt3>:
 case _:

characteristic 3: new type Union Operator

Even though Python Is a dynamic type of programming language , But there are ways to make some parts of it static . for example , If you are writing a function , And properties (attributes) The type of is very important for the conversion inside the function . In previous releases , You can specify the type of property , for example :

def func(num: int) -> int: 
 return num + 5

But here's the problem , If you want to accept two types , You need to use Union keyword :

def func(num: Union[int, float]) -> Union[int, float]: return num + 5

stay Python 3.10 in , You can choose between two types , Use | Operator instead of Union To make more direct type decisions :

def func(num: int | float) -> int | float: 
 return num + 5

characteristic 4:Stricter Zipping

Python An interesting function in is zip() function , This is a Python Built in functions in , Allows you to combine and iterate elements from multiple sequences . In previous releases , You can use sequences of different lengths zip, But now a new parameter is introduced strict, Used to check passed to zip Whether all iteratable objects of the function have the same length .

characteristic 5: Automatic text encoding

Sometimes this happens to coding , The code can run on a machine , But on another machine, there will be an error . There are many reasons for this , Some are caused by text coding . stay Python In an earlier version , If the encoding type is not explicitly declared , The preferred local encoding may cause code errors on other computers . In the new version of Python3.10 in , If the user opens a text file without a specific encoding type , You can activate a warning to notify the user .

characteristic 6: Asynchronous iteration

Asynchronous programming is a powerful advanced programming paradigm , It since Python 3.5 It has been Python Part of . stay Python 3.10 in , There are two new asynchronous built-in functions aiter() and anext() Make the code more readable .

For many programmers ,Python It may be their preferred programming language .Python It has also topped many programming language rankings , Such as   IEEE 2021 Programming languages rank ,Python Ride a dust storm , It still firmly occupies the first place in the general list and several other sub lists . this Python 3.10 Release , Will be for Python This programming language brings a better programming experience .

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