Pycham developing Django project template tutorial

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pycham developing django project template


In previous chapters , The view function just returns the text directly , In fact, it is rarely used in the actual production environment , Because the actual pages are mostly styled HTML Code , This allows the browser to render very beautiful pages . At present, there are many template systems on the market , One of the most well-known and best used is DTL and Jinja2.​​DTL​​ yes ​​Django Template Language​​ Abbreviations of three words , That is to say Django The template language comes with . Of course, it can also be configured Django Support Jinja2 Wait for other template engines , But as a Django Built in template language , and Django It can achieve seamless connection without some incompatibilities . So I suggest that you study well DTL.

DTL With the ordinary HTML The difference between documents :

DTL A template is a special syntax HTML file , This HTML Documents can be Django compile , You can pass parameters in , Dynamic data . After compiling , Generate an ordinary HTML file , Then send it to the client .

Apply colours to a drawing template :

There are many ways to render a template . Here are two common ways .

  1. render_to_string: Find the template , Then compile the template and render it as Python String format of . Last pass HttpResponse Class is packaged as a HttpResponse Object back to . The sample code is as follows :
    from django.template.loader import render_to_string from django.http import HttpResponse def book_detail(request,book_id): html = render_to_string("detail.html") return HttpResponse(html)
  2. Although the above methods are very convenient . however django It also provides a simpler way , Directly render the template as a string and wrap it as HttpResponse The object is completed in one step . The sample code is as follows :
    from django.shortcuts import render def book_list(request): return render(request,'list.html')

Template lookup path configuration :

In the project ​​​​ In file . There is one ​​TEMPLATES​​ To configure , This configuration includes the configuration of the template engine , Configuration of template search path , Configuration of template context, etc . Template paths can be configured in two places .

  1. ​DIRS​​: This is a list , All template paths can be stored in this list , Use later in view ​​render​​ perhaps ​​render_to_string​​ When rendering a template , Will find the template in the path of this list .
  2. ​APP_DIRS​​: The default is ​​True​​, This is set to ​​True​​ after , Will be in ​​INSTALLED_APPS​​ Of installed ​​APP​​ Under the ​​templates​​ File plus find template .
  3. Lookup order : For example code ​​render('list.html')​​. First of all ​​DIRS​​ In this list, check whether there is this template under the path in turn , If there is , Just go back to . If ​​DIRS​​ None of the paths in the list were found , Then the current view will be checked first ​​app​​ Has it been installed? , If already installed , So first in the current ​​app​​ Under the ​​templates​​ Find template in folder , If not found , Then it will be installed in other ​​app​​ Search for . If no path is found , Then a ​​TemplateDoesNotExist​​ It's abnormal .


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