Developing Hongmeng equipment program using python (3-prototype of security system)

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developing hongmeng equipment program using

        Through the introduction of the previous two posts , I believe you have mastered how to use Python operation GPIO and I2C 了 . So today we can go further , adopt Python Medium GPIO and PWM The interface makes the buzzer sound . Of course , It would be boring to just implement this function , So we can expand , Make something a little more interesting .


Um. ... Think about doing something ?!


After a rummage , I found the expansion board below .


 Use Python Develop Hongmeng equipment program (3- Security system prototype )_ Equipment development

        This is in the development kit of Xiaoxiong paihongmeng “ Intelligent Security ” Expansion board , The board is equipped with an infrared sensor and a buzzer . Based on this board , You can develop a simple security case : When the infrared sensor senses ( Someone is approaching ) when , Trigger the buzzer to give a warning ( A voice ).


        Before we start, we need to introduce a new concept : Pulse width modulation (Pulse Width Modulation), namely :PWM. This is a concept at the hardware circuit level , For the development of the Internet of things, there is no need to study it in depth , Just master the basic principles and apply them to development .


To put it simply ,PWM It is a technology that uses digital signals to output analog signals .


        as everyone knows , Modern computer systems are digitally driven , namely : All computer components work under the alternating driving of high and low levels . If all peripherals are digital , Then it's very simple , direct GPIO Connect to communicate . However , Some peripherals are not digital , It's simulated , Need to receive analog signals ( Such as : Sine wave signal ), So you need a processor to use PWM Technology to realize analog signal .


The basic principle is as follows :

 Use Python Develop Hongmeng equipment program (3- Security system prototype )_ Hongmeng _02

According to the electrician and electronics teacher , If you need to generate such a sine wave , Multiple square waves can be used instead of , The effect is the same .


 Use Python Develop Hongmeng equipment program (3- Security system prototype )_ Equipment development _03

chart a) The sine wave in can be replaced by a square wave with the same amplitude but different width , Pictured b) , As long as these square waves and t The area enclosed by the axis and the original sine wave and t The area enclosed by the shaft is the same .


With the above principle , The next thing to discuss is : How to adjust the equivalent square wave ?


To solve this problem , Need to understand the concept of duty cycle !


The duty cycle is defined as a period of time , The time when the signal is at high level accounts for the percentage of the whole signal period .

 Use Python Develop Hongmeng equipment program (3- Security system prototype )_ Equipment development _04

In the figure above, a cycle is 4ms , The duration of high level in a cycle is 1ms, So the duty cycle is 25% .


After mastering these theoretical things , Then we can consider how to practice : How to achieve PWM The signal ( Square wave signal ) Output ?


        Very lucky ,Hi3861 In the PWM modular , So at the code level, you only need to call the relevant API Interface to PWM The module sets the necessary parameters , You can output the required continuous PWM The signal ( Square wave signal ).

 Use Python Develop Hongmeng equipment program (3- Security system prototype )_Python_05

The interface functions in the above table are clear at a glance , Almost possible “ Open the box ”, The only thing that needs to be explained is start( port, duty, freq ) This function , port Express PWM The output channel number of the signal ,freq Used to control the PWM The output frequency of the signal ,duty Used to specify the duty cycle , The value of the duty cycle is duty and freq The ratio of the .


Ok! With all this bedding , You can use the code !

 Use Python Develop Hongmeng equipment program (3- Security system prototype )_Python_06

Snippet 1 Part of the code first on GPIO_7 Initialization and function setting , The purpose is to receive is1 That is, the sensing signal of the infrared sensor , When Hi3861 Receiving this infrared sensing signal will trigger a callback is1_callback() .Snippet 2 Partial code reuse GPIO_8 Connect it PWM modular , The aim is to PWM Set parameters . Here you can go further to popularize science GPIO and PWM The relationship between : In theory, it can be used directly GPIO Generate the required square wave signal , But it doesn't happen in reality ! The reason is simple , Doing so consumes a lot of processor resources , And the frequency of the generated square wave signal is limited . therefore , Generally, independent PWM modular , Processor passes GPIO Connected to this module , Thus, its parameters can be set . after , The specific work of generating square wave is from PWM The module is finished .


Next , Look at the callback function is1_callback() The implementation of the .

 Use Python Develop Hongmeng equipment program (3- Security system prototype )_Python_07

The code is simple , The core part is the analysis of variables pwm_on marked , namely : When the infrared sensing signal is received, it will pwm_on The assignment is True.


so what ?


Then deal with it elsewhere !

 Use Python Develop Hongmeng equipment program (3- Security system prototype )_Python_08

At the end of the script file , You can see the processing pwm_on by True Code for , namely : When pwm_on by True when , call start() Function promotion 1 Number PWM The channel generates a square wave signal . and 1 Number PWM The channel is connected to a buzzer , The final result of generating square wave signal is to make the buzzer sound .


The overall process is as follows :

 Use Python Develop Hongmeng equipment program (3- Security system prototype )_ Tang zuolin _09 The end result is as follows :

 Use Python Develop Hongmeng equipment program (3- Security system prototype )_ Hongmeng _10

You can see , When I approach the development board , The infrared sensor immediately sends a sensing signal , Then trigger the buzzer to sound .


WOW! A simple security system is done !



The latest version Python The engine library can support almost all Hongmeng's peripheral interfaces , And basic floating point operations .


Interested students can download the code and files in the attachment and try to program by themselves .


Enjoy It!


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 Use Python Develop Hongmeng equipment program (3- Security system prototype )_Python_11

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