Try Python 3.10 with CONDA

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try python conda

1 brief introduction

Just a few days ago ,Python3.10 First official version of 3.10.0 Release , Previously, we only learned about some new features that may be added from various beta versions , In the official version , We were able to see the many new features it officially joined .

In this article, I will take you to learn how to pass conda Fast installation 3.10 The official version of Python, And experience some of its important new features .

2 Python 3.10 List of important features of the official version

If you already have it installed conda, Then go straight through conda-forge Of channel, Just use the following command line to create a new Python3.10 Official version of virtual environment :

conda create -n py310 python=3.10 -c conda-forge -y

After installation , Activate the environment to enter Python Of shell, You can see that the version is 3.10.0, What's outrageous is that I'm using pycharm After setting the environment , Brand new 3.10.0 The environment is recognized as 3.1( I'm really drunk ), So I switched to vscode demonstrate :

Let's experience some of its important new features ~

2.1 New structural pattern matching Syntax

Last time was Python Introducing new syntax and keywords is still async, And in this new version , The introduction of new keywords match And case, So as to help us in Python Used in other languages similar to switch The grammar of , The usage is shown in the following example , about match The value declared after , Each of the following case It will verify whether it is equal to its corresponding value , final case _ Medium _ representative Irrefutable Pattern, It's equivalent to a wildcard , But it is only allowed to be placed in Last One case in :

import sys
match sys.argv[1]:
case '1':
case '2':
case '3':
case _:
print(' Other inputs ')

match-case Syntax with wildcards _, When entering a container type data structure , You can make some more free judgments :

import sys
# 1 New structural pattern matching Syntax
match sys.argv[1:]:
case ['1', '2', '3']:
print(' Branch 1')
case ['4', _, '6']:
print(' Branch 2')
case ['7', '8', _]:
print(' Branch 3')
case _:
print(' Beyond known options !')

More interesting , We can also use any custom variable name , stay match-case Auxiliary wildcard matching within the scope of , So as to achieve the effect similar to the following example :

import sys
# 1 New structural pattern matching Syntax
match (int(sys.argv[1]), int(sys.argv[2])):
case (0, 0):
print(" origin ")
case (0, y):
case (x, 0):
case (x, y):
print(f"X={x}, Y={y}")
case _:
print(' Illegal input !')

Allied , Attribute values for the object , Similar general matching judgment can also be made , For more usage, you can refer to the following examples to expand :

import sys
class Demo:
x: int
y: int
demo = Demo()
demo.x = int(sys.argv[1])
demo.y = int(sys.argv[2])
# 1 New structural pattern matching Syntax
match demo:
case Demo(x=0, y=0):
print(" origin ")
case Demo(x=0, y=y):
case Demo(x=x, y=0):
case Demo(x=x, y=y):
print(f"X={x}, Y={y}")
case _:
print(' Illegal input !')

2.2 Clearer error messages

stay Python3.10 in , For various common error types , The error prompt after executing the code is more clear , For example, here is 3.9 And 3.10 Compare the error output information for the same error :

2.3 Support bracket wrapped multi context manager

This feature is actually 3.9 It began to appear in , stay 3.10 Further improved in , Make the following usage legal ( And 3.7 Contrast ):

2.4 More convenient union type prompt settings

In the previous version , When we use multiple types of prompts , It has to be written like this :

from typing import Union, string
def some_funcion(flexible_parameter: Union[int, string]) -> Union[int, string]:
return flexible_parameter

And in the 3.10 in , Multi type union is no longer necessary Union, Use | Connect to , Very convenient :

from typing import string
def some_funcion(flexible_parameter: int | string) -> int | string:
return flexible_parameter

2.5 More accurate error code line location prompt

stay Python3.10 in , Error prompt for code , The prompt for the specific error line position is more accurate :

The above is the whole content of this paper , Welcome to discuss with me in the comments section .

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