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excellent open source libraries learning

A lot of partners are learning Python In the process of , More likely to be in Github Look for Python Learning materials .

I'll share with you today Github On 7 It's a great one Python Open source library for programming learning , The list is as follows , Welcome to collect and learn , Like to like and support , At the end of the article, a technical exchange group is provided .

  • learn-python3

  • playground and cheatsheet for python

  • full-speed-python

  • python_reference

  • python-programming-exercises

  • coding-problems

  • TheAlgorithms



This repository has a total of 19 Ben Jupyter The notebook .

It covers the basics of strings and conditions , Then we discuss object-oriented programming , And how to handle exceptions and some Python Characteristics of standard library, etc .

Every theme has a “notebook” link , It will introduce you to the topic and some sample code , When you've done that , There's also an exercise link , After clicking, you can do some tests .

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This repository can also serve as Python Introduction to , Help you go from the primary level to the intermediate level , Intermediate here refers to skillful use of this programming language , Not just simple loops and algorithms .

The repository is a Python Script set , Each script is a subtheme of a core category , such as “ The operator ”、“ data type ” and “ control flow ”.

You don't have to study the course completely , As the author points out , You can also use the repository as a memo , When needed , Quick search , To view the document , Look at the code , Then run the test , See if the code works , Whether to write according to the code guidelines .

Project address :




The repository quickly introduces the basics of strings and lists , And then quickly dive into more advanced topics ,“ class ” and “ Asynchronous programming ” etc. .

The author adopted a practical method in writing this book , Each topic is briefly introduced with code examples , Then jump straight to the practice question , Let the reader try it for himself .

You can download it from the project details page pdf/epub file .

Project address :




This repository doesn't start from the underlying Python The concept begins , By contraries , This repository is more about intermediate topics , such as “Python Medium SQLite Database operation ”.

If you are in the Python We have a solid foundation in this respect , So this resource can help you make better use of the different features of the language , Like the previous repository is ,python_reference Also with edit and run code notebooks.

Besides , The repository also has some useful non code resources , The author links it to more “ Theoretical resources ”. This part of the resources are sitting and thinking about learning Python Useful external resources , Including forums 、 Books and existing Python project .

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This repository currently provides 100 individual Python Programming practice , Difficulty from beginner to advanced . These problems and solutions were initially used Python 2 Compiling , But the author later updated all 100 A question , use Python 3 To write .

There's another one written by different authors “ Expanded version ”, With the same problem and different solutions , In this extended Repository , The author tries to show different ways to solve a problem , These methods may be more effective or “python turn ”.

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Just like the previous Repository , This repository contains a complete programming and algorithm exercise , This repository provides a for each exercise Python file , This file contains problems and solutions .

These questions don't start with a complete beginner's degree of difficulty , So I suggest that after you have mastered a solid foundation ( Using functions 、 Control process, etc ) And then answer these questions .

Except for the ones that contain algorithmic problems and solutions Python Outside the document , He also provides a comprehensive list of other resources for users to use . It includes many online courses , Recommended books , And links to popular websites on programming issues .

Project address :




This repository provides a collection of files , Show you in Python Different algorithms are implemented in .

These algorithms are divided into two parts “ Arithmetic analysis ” To “ Blockchain ” To “ data structure ” Etc .

If you are Python novice , I suggest you lay a good foundation first , Because this repository is actually for those who are already familiar with the language and want to deepen their knowledge of algorithms .

The author also wrote for some other major languages (Java、c++、C、Go、Javascript) Created a similar “ Learning algorithms ” The repository .

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Technical communication

Welcome to reprint 、 Collection 、 Gain some praise and support !

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At present, a technical exchange group has been opened , Group friends have exceeded 2000 people , The best way to add notes is : source + Interest direction , Easy to find like-minded friends

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