Pycham develops template tags commonly used in Django project

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pycham develops template tags commonly

Common template labels :
  1. if label :if The label is equivalent to Python Medium if sentence , Yes elif and else Corresponding , But all labels need label symbols ({%%}) Package .if You can use the ==、!=、<、<=、>、>=、in、not in、is、is not Equal judgment operator . The sample code is as follows :
    {% if " Zhang San " in persons %} <p> Zhang San </p> {% else %} <p> Li Si </p> {% endif %}
  2. label Be similar to Python Medium You can traverse the list 、 Tuples 、 character string 、 Dictionaries and all other objects that can be traversed . The sample code is as follows : {% for person in persons %} <p>{{ }}</p> {% endfor %} If you want to traverse backwards , Then add a... When traversing reversed. The sample code is as follows : {% for person in persons reversed %} <p>{{ }}</p> {% endfor %} When traversing the dictionary , Need to use itemskeys and values Other methods . stay DTL in , You cannot execute a method in parentheses . The sample code of traversal dictionary is as follows : {% for key,value in person.items %} <p>key:{{ key }}</p> <p>value:{{ value }}</p> {% endfor %} stay for In circulation ,DTL Some variables are available . These variables are as follows :
  • ​forloop.counter​​: The subscript of the current loop . With 1 As the starting value .
  • ​forloop.counter0​​: The subscript of the current loop . With 0 As the starting value .
  • ​forloop.revcounter​​: The reverse subscript value of the current loop . For example, the list has 5 Elements , So the first time I traverse this property is equal to 5, The second, 4, And so on . And it is based on 1 As the subscript of the last element .
  • ​forloop.revcounter0​​: Be similar to forloop.revcounter. The difference is that the subscript of the last element is from 0 Start .
  • ​forloop.first​​: Is it the first time to traverse .
  • ​forloop.last​​: Is it the last traversal .
  • ​forloop.parentloop​​: If there are multiple loops nested , So this property represents the upper level for loop .
  1. label : This label uses the following It's the same , Just in the case of traversing objects without elements , Will execute empty The content in . The sample code is as follows :
    {% for person in persons %} <li>{{ person }}</li> {% empty %} There is no one yet {% endfor %}
  2. with label : Define variables in the template . Sometimes it's more complicated to access a variable , You can cache this complex variable to a variable first , You can use this variable directly in the future . The sample code is as follows : context = { "persons": [" Zhang San "," Li Si "] } {% with lisi=persons.1 %} <p>{{ lisi }}</p> {% endwith %} There are a few points that need intense attention :
  • stay ​​with​​ A variable defined in a statement , Only in ​​{%with%}{%endwith%}​​ Use in , It can't be used outside this label .
  • When defining variables , You can't leave spaces around the equal sign . such as ​​{% with lisi = persons.1%}​​ It's wrong. .
  • There is another way of writing that is also supported : {% with persons.1 as lisi %} <p>{{ lisi }}</p> {% endwith %}
  1. url label : In the template , We often have to write something url, For example, a certain a The label needs to define href attribute . Of course, if you hardcode this directly url It's OK to write dead in it . But this may not be a good thing for future project maintenance . Therefore, it is recommended to use this inversion method to achieve , Be similar to django Medium reverse equally . The sample code is as follows :
    <a href="{% url 'book:list' %}"> Book list page </a>
    If url Parameters need to be passed when reversing , Then it can be passed on later . But parameters are divided into position parameters and keyword parameters . Position parameter and keyword parameter cannot be used at the same time . The sample code is as follows :
    # path part path('detail/<book_id>/',views.book_detail,name='detail') # url reverse , Use position parameters <a href="{% url 'book:detail' 1 %}"> Book details page </a> # url reverse , Use keyword parameters <a href="{% url 'book:detail' book_id=1 %}"> Book details page </a>
    If you want to use url When the tag is reversed, the parameters of the query string should be passed , Then you have to manually add . The sample code is as follows :
    <a href="{% url 'book:detail' book_id=1 %}?page=1"> Book details page </a>
    If you need to pass more than one parameter , Then separate them by spaces . The sample code is as follows :
    <a href="{% url 'book:detail' book_id=1 page=2 %}"> Book details page </a>
  2. spaceless label : remove html White space characters in labels . Including Spaces 、tab key 、 Line break, etc . The sample code is as follows :
    {% spaceless %} <p> <a href="foo/">Foo</a> </p> {% endspaceless %}
    So after rendering , It will become the following code :
    <p><a href="foo/">Foo</a></p>
    spaceless It will only be removed html White space between labels . The white space between the label and the text is not removed . Look at the following code :
    {% spaceless %} <strong> Hello </strong> {% endspaceless %}
    This will not be removed strong White space characters in .
  3. autoescape label : Turn on and off the automatic escape function of elements in this tag . Automatic escape is the ability to escape some special characters . such as < Escape into html A character recognized by grammar , Will be taken as &lt;, and > Will be automatically escaped to &gt;. In the template, automatic escape has been turned on by default .autoescape The sample code of is as follows :
    # Context information passed context = { "info":"<a href=''> Baidu </a>" } # Turn off auto escape in template {% autoescape off %} {{ info }} {% endautoescape %}
    Then a hyperlink of Baidu will be displayed . If you put off Change to on, Then it will be displayed as an ordinary string . The sample code is as follows :
    {% autoescape on %} {{ info }} {% endautoescape %}
  4. verbatim label : Default in DTL The template will parse those special characters . such as {% and %} as well as {{ etc. . If you don't want to use... In a piece of code DTL Parsing engine . So you can put this snippet in verbatim In the label . Under the sample code :
    {% verbatim %} {{ if dying}}Still alive.{{/if}} {% endverbatim %}


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