Python foundation and MySQL Foundation

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python foundation mysql foundation

1. Answering question

1.1. python Installation

Installation tutorial : The most detailed Python Installation tutorial

1.2. python How to install the package

python There are three ways to install packages :1. stay cmd of use pip install install ;2. stay pycharm Install in ;3. Download the corresponding package from the official website and install it manually .
Specific courses : There are three ways to tell you Python How to install third party libraries

2. python Reading and writing data in

Before talking about reading and writing, go through the common data types .

2.1 Several common data types

list [] : You can add, delete and modify ;
Tuples (): Cannot change element , Generally important content can be represented by tuples ;
Dictionaries {}: Yes key and value, Very often ;
aggregate {}: Elements cannot be repeated .

2.2 Data reading and writing

  1. json.load() and json.dumps()
import json
with open("a.json","w")as f:

json.dumps() Parameters in function :
ensure_ascii = True : Default output ascii code , If you want to display Chinese , Set it to False;
indent = 4 : Indent four spaces
separators(’,’, ‘:’) : Represents a separator , The former ’,‘ take dict Each item of the is separated , the latter ’:' take dict Of key and value Separate .

Other functions that appear in pairs :
json library
2. pd.DataFrame()
Is a binary label data structure composed of multiple types of columns , Often includes index( Row labels )、columns( Column labels ). It can be understood as :DataFrame Is a two-dimensional array with labels .

DataFrame.fillna(value=None, method=None, axis=None, inplace=False, limit=None, downcast=None, **kwargs)

 Insert picture description here
Reference material :

  1. establish pd.DataFrame Methods . pd.DataFrame Function details
  2. Pandas DataFrame The basic properties of

3. MySQL

3.1 Introduce MySQL

A database is a collection of stored data , After connecting to the database , Add, delete, modify and query data through corresponding interactive commands .MySQL It's a relational database , It is often used in the data analysis department of the company .

3.2 MySQL install

Installation tutorial : Hyperdetail MySQL8.0 The download 、 Installation and configuration tutorial
MySQL Workbench Interface is introduced :
 Insert picture description here
Edit bar 、 Shortcut bar , stay Workbench Can operate like excel Click the button as before , You can also interact with commands .

3.3 MySQL Basic operation

3.3.1 What should I do if I can't connect to the database ?

course :MySQL Report errors :Could not acquire management access for administration

3.3.2 Basic operation

  1. establish (create) A database / surface 、 Using a database (use)
  2. increase (insert into)、 Delete (delete, drop)、 Change (update)、 check (select)、 according to requirements (where).
  3. Complex examples : Pass data tables through key Connect , That is, relational .
    Reference material :mysql constraint ( key constraints )
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