Sorting out the learning route for Python beginners

Wutong snow 2021-11-25 09:03:41
sorting learning route python beginners

python Basic knowledge catalog

The first part Basic knowledge

1. 1 Basic concepts

1.2. Common sequence types

1.3 Basic program structure

1.4 Use of functions

1.5 Object oriented programming

1.6 Files and exceptions

The second part Project practice

2.1 python a master hand 's first small display

2.2 python Data analysis

2.3 python Web crawler

2.4 python Wechat assistant

2.5 python Website development

2.6 python Artificial intelligence

2.7 python Game development

100 Line code implementation simple version FlappyBird

The third part Exam oriented exercises

3.1 Basic exercises

3.2 Advanced exercises

3.2 Interview FAQs

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  1. Python common operators
  2. Python data type
  3. get和post接口的封装(python)
  4. Python variables and memory
  5. Encapsulation des interfaces get et post (Python)
  6. Écrivez un programme Python pour convertir les décimales en décimales binaires. Notez que le paramètre longueur est utilisé pour spécifier le nombre de bits convertis
  7. Switching Python version through terminal under MacOS
  8. Créer un tableau de visualisation des données de vente en python pour démontrer que l'analyse est en place
  9. Python crawling chain home network listing information
  10. Pandas learning experience
  11. Visualisation des données Python: visualisation du plug - in D - Tale pour l'analyse des données
  12. [test and development practice] Alfred + Python + Charles quickly debug the HTTP interface
  13. [tiktok] adb+python automatically brush fast / Kwai and video to earn gold coins.
  14. [efficiency tool] Based on Python crawler's "NBA match information and data statistics view" Alfred gadget
  15. [efficiency tool] the MAC side's JSON string re parsing tool based on Alfred and python perfectly parses JSON strings
  16. Hello python world
  17. Exception handling mechanism for getting started with Python
  18. Advanced Python: outer functions, inner functions, and closures
  19. The difference between single quotation marks, double quotation marks, three single quotation marks and three double quotation marks in Python
  20. Python operation database class: realize the functions of creating tables, inserting data and querying data
  21. Introduction to Python 3 crawler and regular expression
  22. Python exercise (11.7)
  23. python11~20
  24. Matlab, python example exercise -- Day2
  25. Matlab, python example exercise -- Day1
  26. White Python road -- Day5
  27. Python正则表达式选择字符
  28. The white way of Python -- day4 (I can't learn it gradually)
  29. The white way of Python -- Day3
  30. The white Python road -- Day2
  31. The white way of Python -- Day1
  32. Difference between input in python2 and python3
  33. Exception handling in Python
  34. Metaclass and singleton pattern of Python
  35. Python methods and functions
  36. Python regular expression select Characters
  37. Introduction to Python object-oriented reflection and built-in methods
  38. Object oriented composition of Python
  39. Python object oriented polymorphism
  40. Object oriented encapsulation of Python
  41. Object oriented inheritance in Python
  42. Python Software Development Directory
  43. Python package
  44. Python module
  45. Python is process oriented and functional
  46. Python function recursion
  47. Python generator
  48. Python iterator
  49. Python decorator
  50. Python function closure
  51. Python namespace and scope
  52. Python function
  53. Python file processing
  54. Python data type
  55. Process control of Python
  56. Garbage collection mechanism of Python
  57. Python: the field notes of dtype = 'object' can also be arranged in ascending and descending order
  58. . value in pandas_ Usage of counts()
  59. 202111 | some hands-on practice of Python time function
  60. 202111 | in Python, timestamp, time string and real date time are converted to each other