Python crawler programming idea (56): find method of beautiful soup method selector

Mona lining 2021-11-25 10:17:50
python crawler programming idea method

find Methods and find_all The method has the following differences .

  1. find The method is used to query the second 1 Nodes , and find_all Method is used to query all nodes that meet the conditions .
  2. find_all Method returns bs4.element.ResultSet object , and find Method returns bs4.element.Tag object .

find Methods and find_all The parameters and usage of the method are exactly the same .

         Below This example is used at the same time find_all Methods and find Method to query nodes according to the same query criteria , And output their query results .

from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
html = '''
<li class="item1" value1="1234" value2 = "hello world">
<a href=""> geekori.
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